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Breville BB420B - reverse kneading

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  • Breville BB420B - reverse kneading

    My Hottop B is in need of some repairs and until I've completed them, I've gone back to the heat gun and dog bowl.
    However, I was visiting my Mum yesterday and realized that she has an unused Breville BB420B. (Should get better results from a corretto, I thought.) So I took it home and gave it a quick test with some old beans (no heat at this stage).

    The "Dough - Pizza" setting seemed the most likely and, after a few minutes of the paddle moving intermittently, it started to do what I'd hoped. However, as others have noted here (after I did some searching), it reverses direction every 2 minutes. Since the paddle has a "one-way" stop on it, the paddle then just lies flat for 2 minutes and the beans no longer get stirred vigorously. I couldn't find any recent posts here regarding a solution - most of them were from years ago when it was possible to buy a paddle off a different model which didn't lie flat.

    Did anyone find an easy solution to this? I don't really want to invest a great deal of time fabricating a different paddle for the (hopefully) short time I'll be using it. I guess I could just use a wooden spoon to stir the beans during the reverse direction.

    Many thanks to all who posted tips over the years - I'm going to use an old camera tripod to hold the heat gun and got some good ideas on TC placement.