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Hottop Roaster Blowing Fuses

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  • Hottop Roaster Blowing Fuses

    Hi All,

    After years of happy roasting, my Hottop B has just started blowing fuses. Looking at the control panel, there seems to be some moisture gathering in the top right hand corner. I suspect that this is not a good thing...

    I've taken the thing apart and re-assembled it but that's made no difference, and I couldn't see anything out of place.

    In the interests of not having to ship my roaster off to parts unknown for repairs, any thoughts on what might be the cause?

    I got the rooster from Things Coffee but is there anywhere in Melbourne I could take it for servicing?

    Any thoughts appreciated...

    Jeff K

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    Hi Jeff,

    I am not familiar with the machine but if it has a heating element, that is usually the thing that goes kaput.

    Unplug the unit.
    Then I would resistance test the element with a multimeter, you might find it has shorted out or grounded to earth.

    Good luck.


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      Remove rooster and baste (it's probably done now). Cool, pack in foil and post to Vinitasse.


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        But seriously, you may have a failed fuseable link. You can test this with a multimeter as well.


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          It protects the element and prevents overheating.


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            Thanks everyone. I'll take a look at the element - I agree that it's the most likely culprit.

            ~Jeff K