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Best Behmor profile for cold brew?

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  • Best Behmor profile for cold brew?

    Hi y'all

    I want to hit the ground running for when my Behmor arrives next week. How you guys doing your cold brew/filter roast? Will P5 produce a pretty good brew or do you need to tweak it a fair bit?

    Any other tips? I'm trying to shorten my learning curve, no point reinventing the wheel if you don't have to.


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    Really no one?


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      I don't know if there is a set profile as every bean requires different a different roasting profile. Some people also prefer lighter roasts than others.

      I roast for my day to day espresso and for my cold drip I adjust the grind to much coarser. I think you will have to play around and see what works for your taste. I believe that lighter roasted Ethiopian Yirga is very good.


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        cold brew, as far as my taste preferences go, should be similar to filter roast.

        as for roasting profiles, it really depends on the origin of the beans, if you sieve through the behmor roasting profile thread u might be blessed enough to find someone who has already tried and tested ones from beanbay crop.

        i used the biftu gesha guide some of the fellas in that thread were kind enough to share and so far haven't yet wasted any of the output, both as filter and espresso. You just have to adjust the methods accordingly. I stop right after first crack for filter and a minute after rolling FC for espresso, etc.


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          Hi Avex

          I've read quite a few posts on various preferences for beans but little as to roasting profile. My plan was to following some sage's advice but seems like no one is really doing this so I'll have to wing it.

          I'm going to experiment stopping around first crack, some right on first crack as you suggest, then half way to rolling FC and then at rolling FC and see what happens.