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  • Australian Basalt Blue

    Hey gang, I was recently given 1kg of Australian Basalt Blue green beans from "yourperfectcoffee" - sounds legit. I couldn't find too much information about these beans and how best to roast them, with only 1kg I can't play around too much. Anyone got any tips? I'm using a corretto with a Victor DMM and Bosch digi HG.

    The beans are quite small, I think smaller than the Ethiopian Geesha I bought from Andy. In the bag they aren't giving off much of interest beyond the normal green beans smell. I was thinking not too dark, just teetering on 2c. Thoughts?

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    Australian Basalt Blue beans are from Coffees With Altitude, of Howe Farms on the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland

    These beans may be small but need a bit of heat to get going. Take them to the first snaps of 2nd crack and you'll be rewarded with a soft yet rich coffee with a nutty finish decent as espresso, and capable of punching through milk in a latte or flat white if using a double as a base. A slightly lighter roast is better suited to other brew methods


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      Australia Basalt Blue Sc16 - (20Kg) - CM-AU-013
      Region Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland
      Screen Size 16 / 18
      Process Method Fully Washed
      Packaging Hessian Sacks
      Appearance Greenish
      Tasting Notes Soft earth upfront with a full body, mellow acidity going into a caramel, hazelnut, cocoa and cream finish.
      Optimal Roast Best roasted dark and left to age for a couple of weeks before use.
      Cupping Score Internal Score: 74


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        Thanks very much Vinitasse, sounds like I might get a decent shot if I treat it right.