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my bean roster/blend stumped...

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  • my bean roster/blend stumped...

    Hi Folks.

    Have been lurking and reading tons of threads here. Need help with an espresso and medium dark blends. DW and I love different coffees. Home roast with air popper.

    Any help would be truly appreciated.

    Colombian Premium Huila
    Peru Org. Cajamarca El Chaupe
    Indian Cherry Robusta
    Honduran Siguatepeque
    El Salvador Santa Leticia Pacamara
    Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling
    Indian Chikmagular
    Indian Monsooned Malaba (1/2#)
    Brazil Mogiana
    Honduran Jaguar

    Would like to send some to family for Holidays.


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    Hi dt,

    Why not post in the blending sub-forum? If you look there, at the top you'll see the KJM blend thread, which you have most of the components of. You seem to be lacking an African bean though, so you'll need to work out which of your existing beans offers the most comparable flavour profile. Alternately 85% Brazil 15% robusta may spark some memories of old-style espresso. Just guessing (as none of your beans seem to come from BB), but an equal parts blend of the Colomb/Peru/Brazil can be nice through milk (roast the Brazil a little darker than the other 2).



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      Originally posted by Barry O'Speedwagon View Post
      Hi dt,

      Why not post in the blending sub-forum?
      The user did post as a new thread in the Blending forum, however, as that forum is specifically for blends made with beans sourced from CoffeeSnobs and as none of their beans are CS beans their post was moved here. Now if he wants to ask a generic question in an already existing thread go for it!

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