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  • Behmor Mod #3 - Tray

    Recently a friend she commented how poorly the chaff tray worked. Admittedly I was cooling with the door open but it was hard to argue with her. Chaff was spewing everywhere and I had a vacuum cleaner frantically trying to suck it up before it had a chance to make a mess. Even the manual says this is to be expected if you choose this cooling method so it is a known problem.

    So with that comment I put my business improvement hat on and came up with a simple solution.

    I cut a 50 x 10mm section off the tray flap and then hammered home the studs/rivets effectively tightening them. Instead of the flap swinging freely, friction now holds it at any angle I want.

    I insert the tray with flap extended so it just skims the surface of the rotating drum with no room left for chaff to blow past. Some chaff still does escape over the top of the drum but given the cooling fan is at the bottom most gets trapped. The improvement has been dramatic such that I no longer have to stand poised with vacuum cleaner in hand like a western gun slinger.

    Click image for larger version

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