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Are my Green Beans are old or the brand.

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  • Are my Green Beans are old or the brand.

    I have been roasting some Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1 green beans I bought from a different supplier.
    Im using an Iroast 2 roaster. I have noticed that about 1-2% seem to not be roasted completely (light in color) compared to the rest of the batch.
    Other beans seem to roast pretty even. Could it be that the beans are old or is it the brand?

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    could be that they're not first grade beans and they could've been picked outside of the prime season which would explain the different stages of ripeness


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      Is what Im seeing typical of some sort of thing like that? or anything else?


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        Those are referred to as Quakers and are perfectly normal at the level, even for specialty grade beans. They are reasonably easy to spot and remove post-roast.


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          Yep, Deano is spot on...



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            Thank you for the answers


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              I have a different answer...

              grade 1 indo means not as bad as grade 2, it doesn't mean much more than that.

              If you want excellent wet hulled Indo beans then the Aceh or the Sulawesi Blue in BeanBay are a completely different grade and result in roasts that are far more even with far fewer defects.

              CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Green Coffee - Aceh Gunung Bandahara
              CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Green Coffee - Sulawesi Blue

              Both are triple sorted and make "grade 1" look like and taste like floor sweepings. That's why we are called CoffeeSnobs and not CoffeeNearEnoughWillDo.


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                Im in the US, I cant order from them.


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                  Great beans of exceptional quality may roast a little mottley- especially in small batch home runs. Dry process and wet hulled beans may do this. Ultimately though, the most important condiseration is the cup.

                  Must say it's very rare that we see quakers (they look close to unroasted), but I leave the average/pedestrian stuff for other roasters. No doubt that you'd be likely to find more interesting items in it.

                  CS offers fresh greens of terrific quality and excellent value. No brainer if you are looking for beans to roast at home.


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                    see the post above yours.


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                      Originally posted by justintime View Post
                      Im in the US, I cant order from them.
                      Worth updating your location in your profile to USA... it will save confusion for other too.

                      Same applies though, don't think that because you purchased something sold as "Grade 1 Indo" it means anything more than "a bit better than grade 2". You have to pay for additional hand sorting to get great indos... and it's only a dollar a pound or so more to get exceptional coffee but most people don't bother and just "buy off the rack" so to speak.

                      It's also rare to get any great indos in the USA, the higher moisture content of wet hulled beans means they don't travel long distances in a container very well and most of the indo's I've had in the USA were very musty and certainly mottled from stewing in the bag.