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Green bean for newbie coffee roasting

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  • Green bean for newbie coffee roasting

    Hey everyone,

    Going to try my first roast out and was wondering if there is any particular CS green beans that you have had good consistent success with roasting? I primarily drink milk based espresso drinks.

    Once I get the hang of it I'll read more into others experiences here and try my hand at varying roasts but for now I am just trying to keep it as easy as possible.


    - just realised this should have probably been in the home roasting section.

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    Peru Ceja de Selva always gets a mention in these threads. A nice bean.


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      Have to agree with the above the Peru is a good basis to start with and also a nice bean. IF you prefer milk based drinks starting with a South American like Puru or Brazils may shine through milk a little easier than say some of the Central American beans.

      When I first started i believe I roasted the Peru a few different ways to see what i was doing right and wrong. Sticking to one bean wont last long though as once you get a taste for roasting you will want to try other types.




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        I agree too.
        The Peru Ceja is what we recommend to most first time roasters, it's easy to work with and works well through a range of roast depths.

        ...but if you are hoping to roast on the weekend then you need to order in the next few minutes or you will miss the Thursday night post!


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          Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input!

          I'll grab the peru ready to roast next weekend. Cleaning the old house we are moving out of this weekend - thrilling!