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Behmor intermittently burning beans

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  • Behmor intermittently burning beans

    My 5 year old Behmor has started to behave very erratically.

    It's started to vary enormously in the time taken to roast the beans, for example:

    315gms of Brazil Pulped using 1lb, C and P2. 21 mins 30 secs on the timer, same day, same air temperature etc.

    The beans on the left were stopped with 9.30 left on the timer, the ones on the right an hour later were pulled with 6.30 left on the timer.

    Houston, I think we have a problem, any help appreciated.
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    1. Read the maintenance tips in the online manual

    Have you ever removed the cover after burner and cleaned out the chaff? It could be chaff hampering the fan(s)


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      Thanks flynnaus, done that, cleaning the fans has been part of my regular maintenance, with the severity of the problem and how it's only just started happening, I'm guessing some component is 'on the way out'.

      I went and re-checked the fan after your suggestion, the pathway is clear and the fan is working ok.


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        How about the Temp. Sensor area...

        This should be kept pretty well spotless...



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          Hey Mal, yep, cleaned the roaster with the recommended cleaner, paying particular attention to the sensor area. Thanks for the suggestion tho, that was what I suspected in the first place.


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            Perhaps the fan is is faulty and is only working erratically?


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              Probably best to email Behmor tech support, and/or Andy (through the 'Contact Us') links. They're both pretty good at helping diagnosing this stuff.


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                Perhaps the flap below the elements is sticking and not allowing the air to circulate properly?

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                  Notwithstanding what I said earlier(i.e. contact Andy / Behmor) is easy enough to test the draw fan. Start the roaster on any program, then hit 'cool'. You should be able to hear it (and if in doubt take the exhaust cover off and look) immediately. My guess is that something on the main printed circuit board is cactus (but they can be replaced).


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                    Thank you all for your suggestions, I've sent a message to Andy. The 'cool' fan is working, but the problem is before the cool cycle is hit, it seems as though it's heating on full power all the time and not reducing IAW the selected profile.


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                      Just a quick update, Andy and Behmor support got back to me, thanks for the quick response. Apparently it's a very unusual fault. Behmor suggested replacing the wall sensors, but this is usually only necessary when roast times get longer as the machine ages. Andy thinks that an upgrade kit might help, which it would certainly do if it is the circuit board that is cactus. I'll keep a very close eye on it over the next few roasts, I'm a bit loathe to spend a lot of money fixing a 5 year old machine, it's performed flawlessly prior to this, it may be just time for a new one, which is going to open up another can of worms for me - another Behmor or upgradeitis?