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    Hi team, after several months roasting with poppers I took the plunge on a Behmor, which duly arrived yesterday. Did a few roasts as per the book, then a Sidamo Ardi not a bad result but 2nd crack came on quickly. Then onto the Brazil pumped naturals 100gms p2 b, first crack never really got going, then straight into 2nd crack. It was 30 seconds in before I recognised the sounds of 2c. roast very dark a lot of oil, maybe drinkable? So onto another batch P3 C auto. First crack at 8:35 mins in was tapering off slowly, then 2c at 9:55. Both times first crack didn't really get going,not like my popper? but then jumped straight into a normal 2c. Has anyone else experienced this with the Brazil pulped, any suggestions. Ta in advance Chippy

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    There's some discussion of trials and tribulations of roasting Brazils (including the PN) in the Behmor Plus Roasting Approaches thread here:


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      I agree with the above, lots of good info in there.

      Three quick tips though:

      1: roast 200g lots - better control and a less aggressive profile.
      2: Press manual P2 or P3 (25% or 50% heat) when you hear first crack to ramp slower to second crack.
      (If 1st Crack rolls into 2nd crack you are going too fast.)
      3: Take lots of notes, you will better understand what worked for you and what didn't in no time.

      Enjoy the journey to better coffee chippy!


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        Thanks Barry and Andy; you are both goldmines of coffee knowledge. I had read and copied the Behmor - roasting approaches, but had read so much other stuff it got lost. Too much research, not enough practice. Oh well, more roasting lots of new (to me) mistakes to make. Thanks again Chippy


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          Agreed what andy says re dropping heat at FC. Generally I use an auto profile (p1/p2/p3 depending on bean) to FC then once it hits, i hit C (rosetta stone timer) and P1 (0% power) for around 30 seconds then hit P3 for the remainder of the roast. Seems to draw out second crack for around the 3 min mark and im happy with the results. I keep an eye on my B temp sensor and like to limit my temp to around the 130-133 degrees C mark.