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  • Behmor 1600 Plus - Peru AAA

    Hi to All,

    Awaiting the arrival of my new Behmor 1600 Plus 240V with the Heatsnob. It will come with some Peru AAA. I was hoping for some suggestions on my first roast ever!! I would like to start with 100g batch, then work my way up. Your help is very much appreciated.

    Should I just start with (100) 100g weight, P1?

    Pressing what button when?

    Mainly I am a double shot espresso drinker.

    Thank you in advance


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    Hi TL1000s My suggestion would be to start with a larger quantity of beans. Why? Simply because things can happen very quickly with just 100g in the roaster. My suggestion for the Peru is to start with 300g of green beans this should give you about 250g of roasted beans., good for a weeks coffee of double shots.
    On the Behmor select
    400g, P2, B
    This will give you 20min on the clock. Load with 300g of Peru
    A few min in select P5 for 100% power. (Peru seems to handle the heat)
    I have found that between 8 to 9 min left on the clock first crack will occur. When this happens cut the power to 50% by selecting P3
    Now select Rosetta stone "C" this will reset clock to 3min 10sec. Now wait for cracking to stop. beans will go quiet with about 1min 30sec left on clock.
    Allow timer to reach zero and cooling will start automatically. If you hear the sounds of second crack (like rice bubbles cracking) before the timer reaches zero hit cool immediately. Listen carefully.
    I have found this profile works time after time especially for Peru beans. (Times are what works on my Behmor)
    A good place to start IMO after a few roasts you can start to experiment. Good luck. Nothing beats fresh roasted beans


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      Hi TL1000s,

      I got my behmor about a month ago. I second what Circada suggested. Alternatively, I have found Andy's approach (detailed in the behmor roasting approaches thread) quite helpful so far and I've had good results with every bean so far (Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya, PNG) using it. I recommend having a look at the thread itself, but basically the approach is to use 200g P1 until the roast reaches first crack, and then press P5 to change into manual mode, and P2 for 25% power down the stretch before hitting cool at or soon before second crack begins.

      Happy roasting!


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        Thank you for the advice, much appreciated
        Gunna give it a go!!


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          I keep my roasts simple generally. 250g or thereabouts green beans. Run a 400g setting on a p1 or p2 auto profile until first crack. Once that hits, hit p1 to cut power for 30 seconds followed by p3 (50% power) until first snips of second crack. Once that hits, cool.

          bag up and enjoy a few days later.


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            I need some assistance.

            I set up the behmor at 240V from the beginning, that being said i keep having this temperature drop midway the coffee roast.

            When i'm roasting 100gr (approx. 115gr greem cofffee) the temp recovers quite quickly using soft beans, however when i'm roasting 250gr (Approx. 290gr green coffee) it takes a while.

            I have tried to overcome the issue by predicting temp drop and increasing temperature manually (i.e. from P1 to P3 or up to P5).

            I have always meant to write you thinking it may be the coffee releasing moisture, however by trying different types of coffee (i.e. hard beans) it becomes more challenging.

            My question is, i need to get some consistency out of my roast, i believe if i sort the temperature drop i'll be a step closer, therefore can you please advise if the temperature drop is a common issue, a voltage set up issue, or other kind of issue? And so, how can i fix it?

            Please see sample attached....


            Ricardo Castiblanco
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              Hi Ricardo, I think the temperature drop you are seeing is the exhaust fan kicking in. It happens with every roast. I don't know how much of a stall there is in bean temp,possibly none. The only way to find out would be to have a probe in the beans, pretty difficult with a Behmor. Perhaps Flynnaus who has such a set-up would have an answer for us. Chippy


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                What you're seeing there is normal for the environment temp. The bean temp is a different story, it will keep rising. Have a look at the graph in the 2nd post of this thread and compare the pink line (same as what you're seeing) to the dark green, which is bean temp.


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                  I agree with (both) the above diagnosis.
                  You are seeing the fans ramp-up and more air through the roaster. The bean temperature will still be positive.

                  Don't get hung up trying to replicate a profile you have seen somewhere from a different roaster. Instead, you need to roast, use the Roast Monitor to "watch what you did" and then see what you like best. Then you can use that profile as a template to suit your roaster, environment and taste.


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                    Like Andy says, you need to figure out what suits your taste palate and go from there. If your a milk based drinker, it won't be as difficult to get decent tasting coffee, if you drink espresso you may have to persevere quite abit more. Enjoy it, it's great fun.


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                      Thanks guys... I have made few good roasts and have tried different configurations to explore the behmor further... will kkep your comments in mind....