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    Is there a preferred way to roast these beans in the behmor?

    I've been using profile 3 as I have been liking it a lot with other beans I've tried so far but I'm finding these beans always set off the smoke alarm as soon as they start to cool. The beans are quite small and get stuck in the drum and get burnt.

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    I use a manual profile that is not too far different from P2.

    400g of beans, 400 P2 B at start

    at 8.00 remaining, hit P4 (75% power)
    after rolling first crack hit P3 (50% power)
    Pull the roast at about 3.10 after first crack (not the early adopters....when you hear a couple of cracks close together)....this is also about 30 seconds after the end of first crack. Works for most beans, and works very well for this one.


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      I use a method very similar to Barry's and it works well. I love this coffee as pour over.


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        Originally posted by Barry O'Speedwagon View Post
        I use a manual profile that is not too far different from P2.
        You must love the new Behmor 1600+ with all that additional operational flexibility mate....



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          I have done a few roasts on this coffee and found it to be disappointing in espresso. I am finding it smooth but lacking in body and flavour. I have used 2 quite different profiles both wiht similar results: (one with a carbony taste but still similar)

          I am Roasting in a hottop,
          Once at FC 11 mins dropped 16.30 well into SC-
          Another FC 13 mins Dropped 18mins at first snap.

          Is anyone getting great espresso from this bean as an SO? I guess I was thinking of it as an indo coffee and hoping for the experience I had with sulewasi Blue - but nothing like it to me.