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First behmor roast - eer2

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  • First behmor roast - eer2

    Picked up a behmor from a fellow snob and tried my first roast yesterday.

    Loaded 420 grams in, started the roast and went manual P5.

    About 7 minutes into the roast (out of the machines 19 odd countdown) the machine stopped and displayed err2.

    After a minute or so I started again on P5 and a couple of minutes same thing.

    I noticed the exhaust temp stayed at 54 during the roast, and the internal temp went to about 190 from memory.

    When I restarted again (after s bit of a break) I pressed cool and the exhaust temp started rising and the internal temp started falling - which makes sense.

    Any immediate ideas?

    Haven't searched the site yet for similar events but thought I would ask incase someone has had the same thing.


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    hmm have never roasted such a big batch in my behmor before (usually max 300) but not sure if that has much to do with it
    I believe error 2 is when it detects a sudden rise in temp

    what is the condition of the behmor internally? are side walls clean? (where the side wall temp sensor is)

    the temp readings look correct, exhaust temp would only go up once the exhaust fan kicks in part way through the roast


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      Yes err2 appears to be over temp. Sensor area appears fairly clean, a bit discoloured but they all. A dirty sensor would decrease the reading I would have thought?



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        yeah could also be a faulty sensor
        your best bet would be to contact behmor tech support
        they are quick to respond (replies are usually overnight based on US timing) and are really helpful


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          Maybe check the temp every 5 seconds and plot it on a graph. That way you can show Behmor what it is doing temp wise.

          Another thing to check, what time and temp is the exhaust fan coming on if at all? I wonder if it maybe you have a faulty exhaust fan which might be causing a quick buildup of heat?


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            Yep, or there's a problem with the circuit board, which may be stopping the exhaust fan / afterburner from turning on.

            Might be best to try a roast with a payload within the recommended range (e.g. 400g max), just to eliminate the easy explanation.

            Another thing you can do is to start any profile (with no beans in) and immediately hit 'cool'. Does the afterburner come on? Does the exhaust fan come on? They should.

            And of course, you could open it up and perform the '3 monthly' clean, clean inlet fan etc.


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              Thanks for the input guys.

              I previously checked the fan on the side panel and the one under the exhaust cover, both were quite clean.

              The cool function seemed to work, air was blowing out there. Is there a way to check if the after burner is working? I'm guessing it's another heater in the exhaust?

              Pretty sure I found somewhere previously a diagnostic check, must find and run it.



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                The afterburner is visible from inside the roasting's on the 'ceiling' (it's cover protrudes into the roasting chamber). When you hit 'cool' you should be able to see the red glow of the element inside the afterburner cover (it's like the element in an old kettle).

                How noticeable is the air blowing out the exhaust? Some will blow out as a result of heat and the other two fans in the roaster.

                Best to talk to the Behmor guys or Andy.


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                  Err2 = TOO BLOODY HOT!

                  To protect you from yourself and to protect the roaster from you it will give an Err2 if you put too much heat into it.

                  Manual P5 is 100% heat and will go over the temperature threshold on a hot day like today. Mid-winter you "might" get away with it.

                  Try roasting 400g on P1 (auto) which is still 100% heat but the difference being before it gets hot enough for the Err2 the elements will cycle off then back on again... so it might average to 98% or 97% on a hot day.

                  P1 (auto) - 100% heat up to a threshold.
                  P1 (manual) - 100% heat regardless (use with more care)


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                    Thanks Andy.

                    How's that for service, flat out at MICE (wish I was there!!) and still answering questions.

                    I will do another roast on auto and report back. Will try a smaller batch incase I botch it again, hate wasting yummy CS greens.




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                      Forgot to add, I didn't realise that it would over temp so quickly, the beans were only going off green colour/light brown, and I was waiting for onset of first crack to reduce temp. Something i have been doing on my corretto setup but this is obviously a different beast.

                      I was very surprised by how super quiet this thing is!!



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                        It's just a whisper. Just did roast #100 - cleaned drum and chaff tray in super hot water and Puly for 30 min. Came out sparkly-clean!


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                          I'll post an image tomorrow.


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                            Originally posted by artman View Post
                            How's that for service, flat out at MICE (wish I was there!!) and still answering questions.
                            Thanks for noticing!
                            ...and yeah, tired but doing some housework before another silly day at MICE (soooo... busy but fun too)

                            I will do another roast on auto and report back. Will try a smaller batch incase I botch it again, hate wasting yummy CS greens.
                            I suggest to play with 200g roasts to start with (100g is too fast to control as easy). Plenty of good Behmor roasting post in the forums too.

                            [200g] [P1] [Start]
                            When you hear first crack, press [P2] manual and then [C] to reset the timer

                            Should be a pretty good baseline, I did a pile of roasts like that today at MICE and they all turned out great.

                            If it's a warm day you might need to stop before the time runs-out, if its a cooler day you might want to use [P3] at the end instead... but you will find what works best for you.


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                              Thanks again, will give that a go shortly.

                              I did a dry burn and during the cooling phase could not see any red glow anywhere. It's an older model that has had the plus panel installed.