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E61 Group Seal too tight

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  • E61 Group Seal too tight

    Hi guys

    I have an Expobar Minore IV and the group head is too tight. I have a 8mm seal and it won't allow the portafilter handle to be put in and tightened straight at 90 degrees. Instead it only tightens to around 45-50 degrees which is annoying because it gets in the way of the steam wand. So i have to wait for the shot to finish and remove the portafilter before i can steam the milk, which defeats the purpose of having a dual boiler machine and it also takes longer to make a coffee...

    Does anybody know of a 7.5mm E61 Grouphead Seal available? Or is there any other way of getting the portafilter to tighten further (without forcing it too much)


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    When fitting a new group seal, it shouldn't be expected for the group handle to come to the 12 o'clock.....

    Have you fitted a rubber or silicone seal? The silicone seals available in BeanBay might have a little more 'give' than

    the hard rubber seals. There are other non Expobar seals that have different dimensions, to the 73 x 57 x 8 mm

    Expobar genuine, which come in different thicknesses... 7.5 mm /6 mm but I couldn't tell you if they would give a 100% seal.


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      Ive had the machine 6 months and still nowhere near 90 degrees/12 o'clock

      I'm still on the original genuine expobar seal, i might try a silicone seal and see if it helps.

      Otherwise, a 7.5mm might do the trick if i can find one...


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        yeah try silicone seal, they also dont bake on and are easy to remove.

        you could try sanding down a smidge if you cant find one thinner?



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          I've had the same issue with my ECM. But they seem to squish down over a few months... Maybe one "hour" (if the handle is an hour hand in a clock) a month or so. Then they gradually get worn out and the handle can turn a good couple of hours past 12. I have always wondered if there was a 7mm seal. Next time maybe I'll look for a silicone seal too


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            Originally posted by BenjaminG View Post
            Next time maybe I'll look for a silicone seal too
            Don't need to look too far, try here for example...
            CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Cafelat Coffee Accessories



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              Are the silicone seals any good compared to the standard rubber ones?


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                I've been using the cafelat silicone seal on my R58 since I bought it and I wouldn't go back. Seals well and has more give. Never had any trouble removing it and they do last longer than I expected.


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                  Ok. Nice to know. I'll soon be upgrading my izzo alex then! Thx


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                    Get the 8mm seal for the Alex. The 8.5 works ok but handle locks in short of the standard 6pm.

                    The red also goes faster!!