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Blend experimentation across multiple roast profiles

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  • Blend experimentation across multiple roast profiles

    Hi Guys

    Really thrilled to have just joined the CS community. Really looking forward to contributing for many years to come ! So much knowledge and experience which I am in awe of and am very grateful to have been a recipient of. Thanks guys.

    So my first post ( yay!) here goes...

    I'm led to believe there is a school of thought in roasting circles (of which I am very inexperienced and new at), which pertains to blending a particular variety at different roast profiles to enjoy and appreciate more flavour layers of a particular variety I.e roasting a Brazilian to say 3 different profiles, say a CS7, CS 9 and CS 11 and then blending them together in order to appreciate the different flavour profiles of that particular variety on the palette . What has been your experience at applying this methodology but across say 3 different beans I.e a Brazilian, African and Sumatran at 3 different roast profiles each ( so 9 in total) then blending them as per an appropriate blend ratio? Whilst I'm aware of the complete impracticality of doing so on repeated scale I would be really interested from an experimental point of view if it in fact expands the available flavours each beans has the potential to offer and thus supercharging a blend from a flavour perspective per se?

    Being the newb that I am, Could targeting one roast profile per variety (practicality aside) limit the possibilities each bean has to offer. Whilst I appreciate the chosen roast profile may be best suited to showcase what that particular bean could offer and at which it is best enjoyed by the consensus majority. Would not expanding that out to the above mentioned methodology not only showcase a greater potential a bean has to offer and allow the Drinker to explore a larger area of flavours as opposed to being "locked down" for lack of a better term to the typical 3 bean 3 roast profile methodology some employ?

    Has anyone experimented with a 3 bean 9 roast profile blend and if so what was your experience apart from impracticality?

    Apologies for being long winded and a newb. My Behmor is due to arrive in a few weeks of which I'm interested in applying the above mentioned methodology