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Sarah's Espresso blend observations

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  • Sarah's Espresso blend observations

    I'm currently using CoffeeSnobs Sarah's Espresso beans, very good coffee, no complaints there but I'm finding it's quite different to any other blend I've had before.

    To draw a line in the sand I've had a Breville Dual Boiler and Smart Grinder since October 2015. Every bean I've had since then, CoffeeSnobs Expresso Organic, Sumatran, Peru, a couple of Coffee Emporium offerings and several other lots of beans from a Sydney roaster have all behaved pretty much identically. Put the grinder on 5, 6 (mostly) or 7 and get a pour somewhere between 25 and 35 seconds, there's some variation but generally very consistent results. I know the smart grinder can be slightly different for other owners but 6 normally works very well for me, even a cheapie bean bought from Woolworths when I was desperate came out alright at the same setting.

    Sometimes when I get towards the end of a bag I might have to go down a setting but generally it's just set and forget for each bag of beans. Sarah's espresso however completely breaks the conformity. If I grind it as 6 or 7 I'm looking at a 45 second pour, I have to go up to a 12-14 setting on my grinder to get the pour back down to the 30 second range. I've had 2 bags of it and both have behaved exactly the same so it doesn't seem to be a one off. Although strangely at 45 seconds it's quite drinkable, a bit over extracted yes but compared to other beans at that timing it's much nicer. Conversely at 25 seconds it tastes good but just a little on the thin flavour side compared to other beans at the same timing.

    Anybody got anything to report on Sarah's Espresso or is it just me finding it different? Does it need a slower pour than other beans to get the best flavour?

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    Nothing to add on the grind, but I have found it gets really good in the third and fourth week.


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      Haven't had that blend previously but I have had long (1 minute plus) pours from other beans that's have tasted great. Experiment and see what you like.

      I interpret the volume/time as a rough guide only. I have generally found longer rather than shorter pours to taste great.