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Stovetop popcorn maker with agitator...ideas?

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  • Stovetop popcorn maker with agitator...ideas? | Zippy Pop 00011-01-ZIP Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Glass Lid, 4 qt., Blue

    Looks like it would be worth a try, depending on practicalities. Has anyone else looked into this as an idea to roast coffee on your stovetop? If it can do popcorn then surely it could also roast coffee?

    You'd also have no noise so could hear the 1st and 2nd crack without any trouble.

    I guess it depends on whether it is suitable or not. Hopefully someone could chime in and provide more information about this. If it fails, it would make a great popcorn maker at any rate

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    Makes CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Other Stuff - Hand Roaster and Green Beans even more of a bargain in comparison...


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      Of course, the latest Behmor 1600 Plus would probably be my best bet to roast decent coffee. I know about the baby roaster that uses a gas stove, but I have no gas stoves at home


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        That zippy pop is available from Victoria Basement on Ebay for $29+$9