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Tragedy, roasting laptop died!!!

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  • Tragedy, roasting laptop died!!!

    Sad, very very sad. Went to roast and laptop wont start. All my roast profiles on it not to mention the hours I spent customising the roasting software with additional functions.


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    You've got backups right?

    If the HDD is still ok, shouldn't be a problem to pull it out and connect it to another computer and pull what you need off it


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      Oh ... that sucks. I'd be devastated!


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        Many years ago I used a laptop to record roasting profiles, quickly found it to be an unnecessary level of complexity, to be honest, a pain in the rear end.

        Nowadays, do everything using only a note pad, DMM, watch, my eyes, and experience, would still back my roasts against all comers.


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          Adequate Laptops can be had for a song these days and like "Agrajag" says, if the HDD is Ok, it's a simple matter to either re-use it or move the data to your replacement PC...



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            MrFreddo, does your laptop still have the battery in it? I had a laptop that refused to start, removed the battery and it seemed to come good after that.


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              No there is something seriously wrong with it. When I plug the power pack in, the little green light on the power pack goes all crazy. Won't boot at all. It was left in the bathroom so may be affected by some steam from a shower. Not sure. I've pulled it apart and it's now under the sun just in case.

              Once back together, I'll try restart without battery and see if that works.

              It was a very old laptop, only used for roasting, so nothing important as such, just roasting profiles. I should be able to get the files off eventually.

              Main issue is having to reinstall & reconfigure Artisan. I've already spent a few hours on it and can't get all 4 thermocouples working properly. Very annoying.


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                Bag of rice (or silica gel) might be useful. It draws the moisture out.
                Obviously, need to ensure you don't get bits in usb ports etc. but have seen it work for laptops and mobile phones in the past that were compromised by moisture.


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                  Thx for the rice/silica tip. Will give that a go if sitting out in the sun doesn't work.

                  I've now got all thermocouples working on spare laptop. I got desperate enough to RTM!


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                    I use RoastLogger software, but the same principle applies - I store the app and all the data on Dropbox so I can basically use any computer on my roaster and have access to all the profiles etc. You could use any cloud server for the purpose. I have also seen people do it with everything on a USB.


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                      Thx that's a good idea. I wonder if I can install Artisan on a thumb drive.