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Beginner Beanbay beans and roasting styles

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  • Beginner Beanbay beans and roasting styles

    Hi Everyone,

    Been busy building a Koffee Kosmo style (though slightly different) roaster over the last couple of months. Nearly finished so the time has almost come to start buying beans. Can anyone recommend me a good bean to start off with?

    Also can someone give me some ideas of starting roast profiles to try and aim for?

    Or is this just one of those experiment with kinds of things?



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    Hi Warwick
    Welcome to the journey
    With that style of roaster, you will likely get a nice gentle roast compared to a popper or similar. I'd try a Brazil or Columbian - both are pretty tolerant of light through to darker roasts and slower roasting – and you're likely achieve degrees of all of these over the next little while! The PNG Waghi is also pretty handy, and the China Mt Gaoligong is fairly easy to handle as well…

    But experiment, write notes, sample everything - and enjoy the learning

    All the best!


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      Peru seja de Selva is easy to roast with good loud cracks. Good starter bean and good as a base for blends.


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        + 1 on the Peru seja de Selva.


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          I own one of the original KKTO beta designs and it's still going strong after more than 6 years with about 4 turbo oven replacements. I agree with the previous bean recommendations and will throw the Indian Elephant Hills AA as another.

          I don't have a current profile image to share method is to preheat mine to about 160 degrees, add the beans and roast to first crack (~ 96 degrees on my rig) then drop the temp increase rate to about 4 - 5 degrees per minute. But you are right in that will be a trial and error experience as the thermodynamics of your setup may be completely different to mine. I found different turbo ovens provided different heat output. Another variable is batch size with bean agitator design is another factor. My roasts improved when Koffee Kosmo introduced the double rather than single blade agitator.

          Perhaps give the cheaper China or Indian beans a try at first. Stick with one bean for at least a month (if you can). Let us know how you go


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            Thanks for all of that. Will have a good look through all of that and see what I can turn out in the coming weeks...


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              Well I ended up getting the Columbsn Vulcan Galera. Ordered it yesterday 2pm or so and it was in S.E. Qld at 9am this morning. Talk about service..

              Anyway not quite finished the roaster but I was a bit impatient. So out came the old fry pan..

              Put 200gm in on high heat quickly turned down. Took about 10mins to get to first crack. Then turned the stove down some more. Pulled 4 minutes later.

              Here is the result:

              No idea what it tastes like yet but it smells great..