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Microvideographs and microphotographs about coffee bean roasting

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  • Microvideographs and microphotographs about coffee bean roasting

    High quality video with several microphotographs: raw coffee bean, drying and bending, color changes, native cellulose swelling, breaking the soft endosperm (1.cack), matrix breaking (2.crack), microvideograph about milk froting, and of course making coffee. Please, enjoy!

    Total time 6 min 27 sec.

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    Pekka, the video is wonderful. Thank you for posting. It is a six and half minute visual essay on why we love this thing called coffee.


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      A very nice video with some interesting videography of the changes the beans undergo during roasting.

      There was one thing however that for me detracted from what was otherwise an excellent presentation, the pulling of the espresso shot. (We are Coffee Snobs and hence seek perfection.) Clearly visible during the extraction was some pretty massive channeling sending squirts spraying all over the place, especially towards the end of the pull. So much time and precision was obviously put into the rest of the video that this glaring error/inattention to detail really stands out and knocks multiple points off its rating. My personal opinion is that it would be worthwhile to reshoot the pour to get a video of a perfect extraction and edit that into the original in place of 'the squirter'. I assume this is a purely digital shoot so redoing that one portion should be relatively easy.

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