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Decaf roasting with gene cafe

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  • Decaf roasting with gene cafe

    Can anyone give me some tips on roasting Decaf Wow with my Gene Café. I have trouble hearing the first crack (I'm 66), though I have no trouble hearing the first and second crack with all the other caffeinated beans that
    I roast. Details of temperature profile, times, colour and moisture loss would be useful. I apologise if this is already covered in another thread, but I have not been able to find this information.

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    Hi dougiej
    I agree that there is very little noise. FWIW I roast (on a coretto - but sounds like you're data logging?) with exactly the same profile as the majority of my beans, and simply drop by the numbers (not colour or sound). I've also found that dropping about 2-3° earlier than 'standard' works best with these beans for me.

    Cheers Matt


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      Yeah I've never had a strong first crack with CS decaf wow, it takes a while to get going. 2nd crack is pretty standard though. I drop just on 2nd crack. I've found it needs a pretty good rest until it comes good (7-10 days maybe)