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Aritsan/Mastech MS6514 VS HeatSnob/Roast Monitor?

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  • Aritsan/Mastech MS6514 VS HeatSnob/Roast Monitor?

    Can anyone give me pro and cons on the above combinations? I'm going to be using it on a breadmaker heat gun combination but it would be nice to use it on other systems.

    What I can see so far for HeatSnob: I assume both need 2 USB"s for dual temperature charting.

    Can work on a wide range of Windows operating systems.
    Appears more plug and play.
    More support.
    Not dependent on a complicated imported multi meter that may be prone to breakage.
    Simpler system.

    About 2 1/2 times price of Artisan combo.
    May have issues with smoothing graph.

    Anything else? Thanks for the help!

    Franklin from Eugene Oregon

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    Hi Franklin

    I cannot comment on either of your Mastech or Heatsnob choices however I have been using a Yocto device - Yocto thermocouple for a while now. Totally plug n play, good for Windows, Linux, not sure of Mac.
    Single USB for 2 thermocouples, tiny footprint, device inputs to Artisan 0.9.9
    I know the Heatsnob has a great following, very tidy package.



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      I tried almost all the popular/free/cheap roasting software about a year ago so my comments below may be out of date. And this is my Artisan vs everything rather than just Roast Monitor so some points won't be relevant to RM at all.

      Artisan is open source so not locked in to any one company. Also means user requests can be rapidly implemented, assuming they're good of course.
      It's free even for commercial use.
      Very large support community though because it is so decentralised this itself can be a problem. I've given up on the tech support user list. It was umm, way too technical.
      ROR is graphed on a secondary axis so not "scrunched up" on the same axis as BT
      Supports at least a dozen different thermometers including yocto and arduino if you like to tinker. (I use Center 304, cheapest 4 channel non DIY one I could find, but still $$$ compared to Heatsnob - which I also have)
      Has a feature that predicts BT based on current ROR. This was a big one for me, very useful
      Can be used to implement computer controlled roasting. (one day.....sigh....)
      I know 3 (small) commercial roasters who use it so I figured it must be ok, at least for them.
      It's highly configurable but on the down side makes it more complex. Took a week to reconfigure it after laptop died, arghhhh! >
      Yes data smoothing can be a issue. That's a function of ease of use vs complexity as described in my last point. Ease=software controlled, complexity=you can configure it however you like. It's tricky but once set up, you don't touch it again.
      You can change all the colours of the graphs and associated display temps. Only really useful if you are tracking multiple temps or want your profiles in your favourite AFL colours.

      Obviously not all points will be relevant to your situation. Hope it helps.