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direct fire roasting v2

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  • roburu
    The coffee looks dark and oily to me and I can see signs of tipping (tipping | The Coffee Shrub) and cratering/divots (Tipping or Scorching? - Genio Roasters). That tells me that the beans are getting too much heat during the roast so either the pan is too hot or there's not enough agitation. With too much heat and such a dark roast you won't be able to taste much of the original coffe's complexity and character. Try reducing the heat and see how it goes. And don't give up, roasting is fun .

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  • texh
    started a topic direct fire roasting v2

    direct fire roasting v2

    ok so i think im getting the hang of direct fire roasting now.. but still i need to work more on it..
    i roasted Guat 1 or 2 day back and here is the result..

    i drank it today in a french press with 60:40 Guat:sumatra and it tasted jusst like normal coffee with much hint of french vanilla..
    please comment/advice on this roast and help me figure out how to make roast to get more complex flavors..