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Question about "Peru Ceja de Selva AAA" green beans

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  • Question about "Peru Ceja de Selva AAA" green beans

    How are the Peru Ceja de Selva AAA" beans processed? It's not mentioned in bean bay...
    As well, do they do well in espresso as well as milk based coffee?

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    They are washed... but that doesn't matter much, try not to get hung-up on details like processing that you can't change or it will cloud your opinion before you get a chance to try the coffee.

    What do they taste like after you roasted them is the important question... and after changing your heat profile what difference did that make in the cup. That's why you home roast, to learn, explore and create something yourself.

    They have a big fan club in both espresso and milk but are on the softer, smoother end of the coffee scale.


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      These are a great bean to start roasting on. Big beans, hold the heat well and give very audible cracks. Some beans, ie brazils can be difficult to roast as they are softer and can give subtle cracks and require more finesse. Roastability aside, i highly rate these Peru Ceja De Selva, smooth taste and a great blender or stand up well on their own.


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        Thank you both, just the answers i was looking for.
        Much appreciated!


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          I can vouch for the great starter bean, considering i'm 6 roasts down in the popper and the peru bean being my 3rd. Great bean and goes well in a blend with the Ethiopian Ghimbi thats on BeanBay now. Courtesy of Dimal for the blend ratio.


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            Really good also with 15-20% Yirgy