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  • TC4 for SALE

    Hi Guys!

    I was waiting for TC4 sales for months and now it is announced in the site!
    The issue is the shipment cost to Australia (around $70 / PCB).

    So I am thinking to buy more PCB in the same purchase to reduce the price.
    I don't know if the shipment price is proportional to the numbers of PCB as I did not finish the purchase).

    Someone interested in buy together??

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    Did you ever find out if shipping is per unit or fixed?


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      The TC4 schematics are available online, and is possible to build yourself if you have the ability. An old neighbour of mine built the one I have connected to my KKTO. I had intended to order one while I was in the US 6 months ago, but as his built one has held up there was no need.

      I'll see if I can find some info out for you.


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        At this stage lack of time to build and test it is also a major factor but regardless I but don't have the equipment for SMDs. And I'd prefer to have a printed circuit board.

        Last night the developers (4-Channel Thermocouple Input Arduino(TM) compatible Shields and Boards) emailed me. Shipping is US$70 for ~ 10 units.

        So for US$40 (ex shipping) you can get a board with all SMDs pre soldered and all you have to do is fit the remaining components on which are included in the price.

        If I can't get Artisan to communicate using 2 COM ports soon I'll look at doing a group buy.


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          So my mate Adi got a bunch of circuit boards done up online, didn't cost him much. But I can understand wanting to go with what MLG are producing. His original one was from MLG.


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            Yeah, at this point in time, I'd rather buy something I know works.

            Currently on hold with Aus Post. Seems they have a US/Oz freight forwarding service called ShopMate for half the price of MLG, ie ~$AU$30.