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Behmor Plus drum stopped rotating

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  • Behmor Plus drum stopped rotating

    Hey all, just thought I'd share the problem I just encountered.

    I had just started a roast in my behmor (it is about 3 years old don't know how many roasts) and was happily heading towards yellowing on manual 100% heat when the drum stopped rotating.

    So I quickly found a screwdriver (I roast in the garage) and gave the drum a quick nudge to no avail. So I hit Cool and the drum started rotating . I am effort to save the roast I then turned the roaster off and tried to start the roast again but the behmor would not let me so I hit Cool again and let the cycle end. After the Cool had finished I did a bit of testing. I could not get the drum rotation to consistently fail or work, very strange.

    So the research began... Found a few tid bits but no smoking gun. One thing I did find was the manual updates on the behmor website, one saying that the one of the DC fans behind the side cover should be cleaned regularly. So I thought I would do that and have a look around while the cover was off see if I could get any more hints to why my drum was playing up.

    Pulled the side off cleaned the fan and stated to have a look around. Checked a few things around the drum motor and ended out finding that the positive wire to the motor was not correctly soldered on, in fact the solder was not attached to the motor terminal at all. It is amazing that it that it has not failed before now.

    Anyway it is now re-soldered and working :thumbup: .

    Stay caffeinated,

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    Just a follow up question too. Are the beans from the failed roast worth roasting? They have just started to yellow.


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      I would give it a go, worst case they taste like *^%#