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  • Artisan COM ports

    Hi there

    Anyone know how to change the COM Artisan sends serial commands to?

    I'm trying to get Artisan to talk to both my Center 304 and Arduino which are on different COM ports.

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    Hey mate, did you work this out?

    When you go to 'Config - Devices' you can select TC4 (which I'm sure you have) but then after you hit 'Ok' it brings up another window 'Serial Ports Configuration' which looks like this:
    Click image for larger version

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    Is that what you're looking for? If I needed to, I'd change the values in this ET/BT tab, as the TC4 is a non-Modbus device.

    What problem are you trying to solve? I've currently got two thermocouples linked up, are you trying to get more working?



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      Sweet, someone who speaks Artisan

      No I haven't figured it out yet. Getting desperate!

      I trying to get my own recently developed Arduino module (NOT TC4) to control the Behmor heat while at the same time monitoring temps with my pre-existing 4 channel Center 304 thermometer. Both work fine separately but not together.

      I set the ET/BT COM port to my Center 304 but I can't find out where to set the COM port Artisan uses to send out it's serial commands.

      btw if I change the ET/BT COM port to that of my Arduino module, my module works but my thermocouples stop working.

      Any ideas?


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        Hmm ok, so as far as I know you can only select one device at a time in the ET/BT tab (as of course they're radio buttons) - so your approach would be to use the 'Extra Devices' tab to have your additional device working. If you select 'Center 304' under extra devices, and then click 'OK' when the 'Serial Ports Config' screen appears it has an 'extra' tab where you can change the comm port for the extra device, set it's baud rate etc.

        Does that help at all?

        I only use a TC4 with two thermocouples (and controlling my turbo oven via an ssr) so extra devices is a bit challenging!


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          That should work for you - might just be a bit tricky getting the right device to be your BT/ET values.


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            OMG, it's kinda working.

            I've set the ET/BT to Center 304 but re-directed the COM port to my device. This is kinda working. There some extra values now being sent so I will have to adjust my code to filter it out. It also means ET and BT values are blank but I could possibly live with that.

            I've then added another Center 304 as an extra device and set it's COM port and that seems to work. I need to rename these to ET and BT. I say seems as this testing is on my desktop PC not my roasting laptop outside.

            But..........I've tried adding in another device (Center 304_34) which is needed to pick up the 3rd and 4th thermocouples of the Center 304 but it won't allow me to set the COM port. Any idea why?

            BTW, what's controlling your SSR, a potentiometer or Artisan?


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              I'm a bit confused - so you have 3x Center 304s?
              It's strange that the one that you've put into ET/BT doesn't give you the ET/BT values. I think that when you add extra devices, you have to scroll to the right and check if there is the 'LDC1 and LCD2' checked on. If so, maybe that is overriding the ET/BT use of those LCDs. Uncheck them and see if that works to give you your ET/BT values back.

              Sorry this is a case of the blind leading the blind a little bit. Their documentation is really crap for how powerful the software is.


              Artisan is sending commands to the TC4 and the TC4 is controlling the SSR. It's a bit of a bummer that way, cause likewise when I receive info from the TC4, all artisan does is poll it for details. When I was using Roastlogger earlier on, the TC4 was merely the go-between to the software, so Roastlogger was receiving all the data and was doing all the work of filtering values etc. Gave me much smoother curves.

              The reason I went to Artisan was for it's PID functions, which at the time weren't available in Roastlogger. Now that I'm only using the PID to get to a preheat temperature and roast up until the TP, at which point I change to power level control anyway, I'm tempted to switch back to Roastlogger. But it's been a while.


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                Ooh just realised they've released a version 1.0!


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                  No only one Center 304 but to get all 4 channels you need to need to add it as 2 devices, once for the 1st two channels and then a second time using the Centre 304_34 device option to get the other 2 channels.

                  I'm starting to suspect that Artisan only sends serial commands down the ET/BT COM port. So my work around is attached my device to that COM port and then add the Center 304 as added devices. I've arbitrarily selected Center 304 as the ET/BT device only cause there is no option for DIY Arduino modules . The issue with this however is my device doesn't means any temps so ET and BT have to be manually reallocated to the additional devices. Not yet sure what the implications of this might be wrt Artisan profile analysis.

                  When starting out I looked at Roastlogger but went with Artisan in the end. Don't recall why. Are there much advantages? Both seem to have a good following though as you say, the Artisan documentation is shite! Ah the joys of open source software.

                  I've briefly looked at PIDs but not sure how or even why I'd need it for roasting. Maybe use it to control ROR rather than an actual set temperature???

                  Do you use any of the Artisan's alarms to semi/auto control the roast? I'm looking at giving that a go.

                  No didn't know there was a new Artisan version. I'm currently on 0.9.8 so can't imagine there would be that much difference.

                  btw, thanks for the help, couldn't have done it without you. Also saves me having to buy a TC4.


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                    ok, as future reference in case anyone has this issue in the future.

                    Yes Artisan can manage multiple devices but set up is a bit tricky. You either need to add "Extra Devices", use "Symbolic Assignment", or setting the main ET/BT device to different COM port. Takes a bit of mucking about to get everything talking.

                    Serial commands are only transmitted on the main ET/BT com port (for now). So if you plan to control your roaster via computer, your interface device must be connected to this COM port.

                    You can map temps being captured by other devices to ET and BT by using the Symbolic Assignments. Useful if like me, your interface device is separate to your thermometers.

                    And there is no real centralised Artisan support forum but there is an active mailing list. Replies are prompt, just make sure your spam filter isn't blocking it.


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                      Originally posted by readeral View Post
                      Ooh just realised they've released a version 1.0!


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                        Ok, space bar working now, that was weird. Anyway the serial commands on 1.0 are really slow, like instead of taking 1-2 seconds for my Arduino to receive slider values, it's taking 10-15.

                        And seems Artisan is opening and closing the COM port every time it sends a serial command. This is causing my Arduino to reset itself every time. Workaround is a grounding the reset pin with a 10uF cap. However the cap needs to be removed every time you want to upload a new sketch.


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                          Gosh, ok so avoid 1.0 then. That's a worry.

                          Glad you got everything working! I was going to point you in the direction of the mailing list if you weren't able to work it all out yourself, but you got there AND found the mailing list. Nice work


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                            To be fair version 1.0.0b3 is still in beta testing. I've solved the slow serial commands and COM port issues but there are other issues like it randomly crashing for 30mins.

                            Anyway, I managed to do my first semi-automated roast today. Computer controlled up to FC and then over to manual. Sweet!


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                              Do you guys know if artisan can use heatsnob? I tried but with no recognition.