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Oily espresso shot? - please help

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  • Oily espresso shot? - please help

    Hi all,

    Apologies for the long post. Seeking advice from any fellow CS'ers who have ever extracted oily espresso shots.

    Below are two videos of my extracting a shot from a Sunbeam EM7000, using Lazzio - Single orgin beans - Brazil Serra Negra from ALDI. Now before I get judged for using supermarket beans, I do usually order my beans via fresh roasters online but I didn't want to waste beans while I was dialing and experiencing these 'oil' shots. The video isnt the best but there are oil separation in the shot...

    Shot #1 - Compak K10 Fresh

    Shot #2 - Smart Grinder - Setting 13

    In my journey to reaching obtaining the 'god shot' - I purchased a used Compak K10 Fresh on Gumtree ($400), with thoughts of it being an upgrade from the Breville Smart Grinder. It was an Ex-cafe unit and it is quite possible that the burrs need replacing. I have opened the unit to clean but it is hard on observation alone to see signs of wear. I have been quoted $200 which I think is reasonable to have the unit serviced and burrs replaced here in lonely Western Australia but I am hesitant on fear it doesn't resolve the issue. What I have noticed on the Compak K10 Fresh are the number of clumps when grinding. See video below at setting 60:

    Before I stump up some cash, any help/input would be greatly appreciated. I have adjusted the K10 grind to a coarser setting with the same result, adjusting it finer simply causes the machine to choke.


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    Can we have some macro shots of the surface of the beans, please?


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      I’m no pro but shot 1 looks like the grind is way too fine and chocking the hell out of the shot. Back the grind off and try again.


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        Yes ground way too fine I think. My Sunbeam would either clog entirely or drip just like that and I was grinding on about 13 using the EM0480 grinder using Aldi Lazzio dark roast.


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          Feel like such a rookie. Thanks for the advice all. I adjusted the setting this morning to 70 then 73 - Results are light and day.

          Two kids have strung me out more than usual.