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    Originally posted by GilR View Post
    Had an electrician look at my problem
    I think you need a better sparkie.
    He should have easily found whatever was leaking voltage.

    1: What is your roaster setup?

    2: With the thermocouple sitting on your desk monitoring room temperature, do you get errors?


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      Originally posted by Andy View Post
      I think you need a better sparkie.
      He should have easily found whatever was leaking voltage.

      1: What is your roaster setup?

      2: With the thermocouple sitting on your desk monitoring room temperature, do you get errors?

      Bit rough on my son in law.

      Anyway after much testing and scratching of heads it was not an electrical problem. Even when switching the fluro lights on and off caused the dreaded "shorted to ground" and they are not on the same circuit as the roaster. To him it sounded like some kind of electro interference. He changed the USB cable and the problem was gone. That part now works perfectly. Lesson... check the simple things first. The setup requires a good quality I presume "shielded" USB cable.

      The problem I do have which is a hardware problem is the USB cable to the logger is loose and causes it to disconnect from the PC. The error "the device is not connected". Is there a fix for that? Maybe a little discount a replacement

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        Hi Andy (and CS crew),

        Just installing the HeatSnob on my Proaster and having some teething issues:

        1) I assume all the red and blue automated temp readings are caused by the range alert settings? If so, I've partially answered my second question ...

        2) My ROR was fluctuating fast by 5-10 degrees (sometimes more), making the reading almost impossible... especially after fc when I want to see it hold at 2-3 degrees.

        Is this because my probe is at near the bottom of the drum and catching too much air?

        Also, the probe cant be fully inserted or it will get hit by the stirring veins. I had to place about 4mm of spacing washers on the outside. The steel is also several mm thick, allowing for 16-17mm of probe on the interior of the drum. Just wondering if I'm getting a solid reading. I can move it up and to the left to get into the slower and denser bean mass, but wondering if the probe is sufficiently inserted. (The HeatSnob probe is the one in the sight glass window frame)


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          1: Red is hot, Blue is cold.
          If your profile changes direction (eg 5 odd degrees in a minute) it will plot the temperature
          If your profile is all positive or all negative it won't plot till there is a change in direction.

          This works a treat for the turn, and auto prints your turn temperature when the temperature goes from negative to positive, it also works well for the bean drop when your temperature goes from positive to negative.

          Those are the only two auto temps you should prob see in a "normal" graph.

          2: "My C/min was fluctuating fast by 5-10 degrees"
          --- and there is your reason for all the auto plots. It's doing what it should!

          HeatSnob is very accurate and will plot what it sees. If you have the probe in fast moving beans they might be touching the probe one second and the next second the probe might be in the air. The two readings will be what they are and if the difference was a change of direction then it will plot a temperature.

          1: Get your probe into a slower moving bean mass, near 90 degrees to the axle is typically the slowest bean movement as they have gone vertical, hovered in space then started to fall.

          2: In the Preferences.txt file:
          C:\Users\(name)\Documents\CoffeeSnobs\preferences. txt

          You will find:

          # Smoothing for weighted average degrees/minute.

          Fudging that number will make the reported changes to degrees/min slower and with some tweaking you might be able to disappear the log points.
          ...but getting your probe in a better placement is the best.

          As in the post above, electrical noise on your earth or in the room can also cause the temperature plotting. I had a dodgy thermostat on a bag sealer and each time the relay clicked on or off the HeatSnob on the same circuit would "see" it and react. Fixing the relay, disappeared the problem so if moving your probe doesn't help then look for environmental things that might be causing it.