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Not really getting to 2nd crack

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  • Not really getting to 2nd crack

    Hi guys, So Ive been using a k-mart rotisserie oven and a mesh basket from ebay to do my roasting with mixed results. I was using temp probes etc but now I dont bother. I find around 15 mins gets me to 1st crack for most beans Ive tried. However I dont seem to be able to hear 2nd crack. I usually just keep an eye on them and usually a few minutes after 1st crack they start to get darker and I can smell them roasting. This is when I pull them out. Sometimes they have got very dark and over roasted and also blown holes out of the beans and other times they seem to be just a chocolate brown colour.

    It is very hit and miss thats for sure. I find I end up just mixing all my different roasted beans (dark and lighter) together.

    Any ideas for being able to hear 2nd crack?

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    Have you thought about setting up a Coretto Truman, probably much easier to regulate/control than your current setup.


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      I use an enclosed roaster (a KKTO) and can't hear either first or second crack so need to rely on other senses but mainly guided by a temperature probe and CoffeeSnobs roast monitor software.

      Given that FC occurs at 196 deg, you could use your temp probe to look at the temp reading at FC and use that to estimate when second crack (224 deg) occurs on your k-mart oven. It's a good idea to reduce the temp when FC starts as too fast a climb to 2C can cause divots in the beans.


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        Well mate, if you are unable to hear 2nd-Crack through the noise/cabinet of your roaster, you're really going to have to go back to monitoring the bean temperature. Going by colour is too unreliable but temperature is reasonably reliable and great for controlling the profile.

        That's what I would do anyway...



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          I reckon Flynn and Dimal are on the money re your present setup Truman.

          Re divots, usually a sign of too much heat too fast.


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            Divots/craters are a result of too much energy (heat) between FC and SC (or whenever you end the roast after FC).

            Like others have said, if you can’t hear SC then you will have to fall back on temp monitoring. This would be advisable regardless as will assist you with overcoming the root cause of that divot issue providing you can adjust heat appropriately.

            I have also seen people use cheap stethoscopes from the evil bay to listen for the cracks in the drum/chamber, personally I would still rely on temp readings as that data is more meaningful to me.