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Airflow Test (lighter/Trier method)

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  • Airflow Test (lighter/Trier method)

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if someone could explain to me why when I perform the "Lighter Test" to check airflow strength, it changes,
    I almost get reverse results when I add heat?

    So basically, with the drum and airflow motors on, I use the lighter method in front of the trier, when I open the butterfly valve to fully open it sucks the flame out.
    The opposite occurs, when I close the butterfly valve and it only just tugs on the flame.
    Which is what I expected I guess??

    When I add heat (gas burners on) and nothing else changed via butterfly valve etc, it blows the flame out? and it seems stronger when the valve is in the closed position?

    I'm not sure why? should I reverse the motor direction? or is this normal?

    Thanks for your time....