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  • Popcorn maker novice


    Yes, I know, don't cringe!
    But for NZ$5.00 I bought a popcorn popper to try and roast some beans.

    Had a try, it all happened way faster than I expected, like about 3 minutes, maybe less to the first crack of the first few beans.
    Think I over roasted them, but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained, and worse, nothing learnt.

    So, is there a thread on here I should read up on to give me a few pointers.
    All the You Tube Homework I have done says about 5-7 minutes, so I have a bit to learn.

    Anyway, it tasted OK, a bit strong for my taste, compared with the roasted beans I buy.
    Hummingbird from Christchurch.

    Many thanks if someone can point me to a thread.


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    G'day Robin...

    Try this one.



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      A sticky in the roasters section: A beginners guide to Roasting using a popper

      Java "There it be" phile

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      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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        And here's another with a few tips for slowing the process down at least a little. (or a lot if you have the tech skills to do some major mods.


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          Such fast responses.
          Many thanks to you all.

          Off to check out your links etc now.

          And I have been reading, you guys gave me heaps to read, and learn.

          I have now "over roasted" some Harrar beans, I think!
          It is drinkable, but not the way I want it!

          My popper did it a bit fast! About 2 minutes.

          Maybe might have to let a bit more air flow through with a few extra holes, to cool it down a bit.
          Though I did see someone modified one by cutting back the temp with a switch.

          Mine is a 1200 watt Moda.

          Thanks again.
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