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First Behmor Plus roast, give me a hand

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  • First Behmor Plus roast, give me a hand

    Pretty excited managed to do my first Behmor roast today. First roast of any kind just watched a few YouTube vids of Behmor Roasts and read plenty of posts of CoffeeSnobs, but apart from this basic info a total newbie.

    Beans: Peru Ceju de Selva A, 200 grams greens in

    Program: P1 . 200 gram setting

    First crack: 5:45
    Rolling crack: 8:45
    Started Cooling: 11:26

    I did about 2 mins of cooling in with the door open then dumped beans out and swapped between a metal colander and big metal baking tray to cool.

    The colour seems ok to me but seems to be uneven, two shades light and darker across the beans.

    Now have to wait a week to see what the beans are like.

    Any thoughts from people here on the roast and beans look/colour?

    Also any tips for good profiles for these beans?

    Click image for larger version

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    Great looking first roast.

    Taste them!

    Don't get hung-up on other people's quoted rest times, yes they will change over the next week or so but unless you try some now, some in a few days and some a week later you won't really know what YOU prefer.

    From the pictures, I think they look a little underdone and might be a little grassy in the cup but will still be drinkable.

    I would suggest trying something like manual P3 (75% heat) at first crack to lengthen the roast and development time between 1st crack and cooling.

    Also don't be scared of over doing one roast, hit cool when you hear 2nd crack and it will over run into it. It's part of the sensory journey and you won't know what you like and dislike until you try it. At 200g a roast it's costing you $2-$3 so not a big spend for the education.

    Enjoy the ride.


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      They look great!


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        Thanks Andy, good advice.

        I tasted some beans after couple of shots to dial in as it needed to go super fine. Tasted a bit flat, woody but clean and smooth, will keep tasting every few days but does seem a bit under roasted.

        First impressions of the Behmor really nice bit of kit. Nice and quiet, not a lot of smoke as I roasted outside on the deck.


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          Can't wait until I can fit in another roast, definitely go a bit longer/darker towards or at second crack and see how they compare taste wise.


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            Welcome to the Behmor club I've had mine since Feb. Definitely a good bit of kit, without a doubt.
            The colour of the beans is only one indication of the roast level. The Peru was my first bean also. My very first roast I scorched... My next two were very under-done. After that I started getting more of a feel for how it all goes together. Happy Roasting


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              Andy said it right and it took me a while to learn. Purposely go far and then slowly come back from there.

              That’s how I learnt where I like mine from.

              It’s a trial and error and after the errors you are out $30 so it’s not a lot to give away.


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                Thanks for all the tips!

                Start of a learning journey for sure. The more you learn the less you know.

                I will go darker and try the 75% heat at first crack to extend development and take it to 2nd crack next roast. That will be the plan and will see how close I get.
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                  Well this roasting has been an interesting journey. I have probably done about 12 roasts of far and I am a slow learner. Finally produced 2 drinkable roasts of PNG Wahgi last night. I have had many under-roasted (with a woody smell) and a few burnt roasts gone too far. 2-3 times I have missed the 30 second warning shutoff as I have been listening intently to the sounds of 1st crack / 2nd crack which has killed a few roasts.

                  Using 225 grams PNG Wahgi AA beans, 200 gram setting with P1 profile, cutting to 75% power during rolling first crack, then 50% when I think 2nd crack is close.

                  What I have been finding challenging is that I am not getting a defined gap between rolling first crack and second crack. They just seem to blend together. However during these roasts I did notice that rolling crack had slowed down but I was still hearing intermittent cracks, then I think hitting second crack things ramped up again in terms of crack frequency which after maybe 10 seconds of second crack I changed to cooling. Beans do seem quite a dark roast but not much in terms of oil coming out so not too dark.

                  I then managed to run a pretty tasty shot (pic below made a decent Latte) 20 grams in 40 mls out on the same setting as an off the shelf blend I was drinking. I will now give them a few days to gas out but I think I am at the point where I have got a better feeling for the point to run for a medium-dark roast.

                  For some of the more experienced Behmor roasters or people who have roasted these beans what do you think of the colour of the beans?

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Looks good roosterben. I haven't roasted with a behmor, i'm looking at one amongst other options. I have been using weight loss as a guide for how much I have roasted in the poppers I am using. Not sure if it is something that makes sense to use in the behmor but it has helped me try and find consistency when it is often difficult to pick cracks.


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                      Thanks GotJam, yes I think weight/moisture loss is very useful for Behmor, along with colour and development time, I have been weighing before and after for most roasts. Did a couple of roasts on the weekend and the last one I weighed and it was 15.1% weight loss and a really nice looking roast of Sumatra Mandhelang. This bean also had distinctive first cracks but rolling crack was pretty quiet.