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Desperate times desperate measures

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  • Desperate times desperate measures

    So i bought a popcorn popper the other week an although ive been thru this before an two genecafes,
    I came across a very old bag of yirgachef thought lets see if this roasts an tried a bigger batch around 100 grams of my fav peru ceja in the popper, got thru nicely just into second crack an thought poo how will i cool this as my old ceiling fan bucket contraption died years ago?
    In recent times been interested in motorhomes ans found this little evaporativ cooler gadget for like $50 odd removed the big filter inside, an popped the strainer on top, acme almost instant bean cooler.
    I can see this being macgyvered this week as a perm bean cooler!
    Thought some might find it interesting 
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    cue macgyver theme until i repair this hottop i got jold of for 30 bucks
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