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  • Meetup for home roasting

    Hey guys and girls, I’m new to this whole roasting from home business and am looking into buying my first roaster. Now I’m just putting feelers out there to see if a meetup was created for home roaster where we can all catchup at a location with our beans and roasters and help one another with the roasting process. So I was thinking like catching up once a month, I think this is something that would benefit us all. Let me know your thoughts and also your location if your in Melbourne.

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    I’d be interested in this. I’m located in Clifton Hill, but wouldn’t have space to host. I use a Behmor but it’s performance has been suffering lately so it’d be great to compare with others.


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      I think that what's really super useful to learn from is to cup (ie taste) lots and lots of different coffees, single blind, which is to say that you taste a whole flight of coffees that you know in a randomised order. This lets you benchmark against a wide variety of coffees and get some critical feedback. It's also useful to taste a bunch of bad roasts and get familiar with the tastes of roast and green coffee defects so that you can identify them and try to avoid them in your own roasting. I've got another one coming up soon and can probably squeeze in one or two more people, so PM me if you want to come along and slip your coffee into the lineup. I'm around north melbourne. Unfortunately, there are only so many people you can have at these things before they get unwieldy. The next one will probably have some coffees from Tim Wendelboe, a comparison of the same coffee roasted on a probat (flame under drum) and a loring (hot air with vane agitation inside drum) and some other stuff ... I'm fooling around with some modified roasters, so I will probably put up a few different roasts of mine, which will be defective in various ways. What I am hoping is that some will be too dark, too light, too slow and too fast to give me hope that the new setup will be able to achieve something that is good. I'd be quite interested in tasting some Behmor roasts.


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        Hey, it's a great idea to do meetup. I'm in Northcote. I have been roasting for a year or so, but moved from a popcorn maker to a Gene and am still experimenting with different roasting times/temps etc. I'm not super-scientific but enjoy the variety of coffees that I roast, rather than have one singular profile that I stick to..