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Roasting Jamaican Blue Mountain

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  • Roasting Jamaican Blue Mountain

    Hi Just Bought some Jamaican Blue Moutain, Hawaii Kona Fancy and Colombia La Esperanza Geisha and i am wondering if anyone can provide some good guidance on roasting these beans on a Behmor 1600 Plus. Any profiles that have worked as a reference or have seen a refence on here from Andy in a past thread as i cant see one. Especially for JBM.

    Kind regards Michael

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    Three great beans.
    The gotcha with roasting expensive beans is that people tend to nervously drop them way too early and certainly over-think the roast.

    Remember, the bean doesn't know what the price tag was, it's always going to do what beans do and roast!

    You really don't want to follow someone else's profiles, different roaster, different environmental conditions (temperature of the beans and importantly ambient air temperature) instead just follow your "usual good profile" and normal methods and you should get pretty close.

    My only tips are:

    * Don't stop before 1st crack
    * Probably don't want to see 2 second crack.
    * The Colombian Geisha is best (for my tastes) dropped not long after first crack
    * The other two somewhere closer to 2nd crack but before it.

    None of these three stand-up to a dark roast, it would still be drinkable but not optimum.


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      Thanks Andy for your time. Appreciate it. Going to Roast some JBM tonight, looking forward to the experience and to drinking it on weekend.


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        Relax, you'll be fine, you already know how to roast.

        The JBM is the easiest one of these three, you can roast it with your eyes closed (but dont!)


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          Hi Andy, thought i would give the beans a try, 4 days after roasting. They are a bit light. However the question i have for you is do i need to grind them finer as they are a softer bean. I havce my grinder set and normally it will pull most shots/beans out in 26-28 seconds (18g vst) basket but the JBM it came out in 7sec. Any ideas why. Can it be because the roast it light, soft bean? any help would be appreciated due to the expense on the bean. Cheers Michael.


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            Did you put these in a time-machine?
            You were asking roasting tips a day ago, not sure how they could be 4 days old now!

            What would you do with any other coffee that poured in 7 seconds?