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  • Proper Rosting times

    I have 2 roasters both hot air. I bought a Iroast 2 years ago and my brother gave me an older Fresh Roast with a mechanical timer.
    I have been using the Iroast exclusively. The problem is I cant hear the cracks due to the noisy fan.

    I tried the Fresh Roast and I can hear both cracks, however it gives me a dark roast in 4 min and I cant tailor the times and temps. I can do both with the Iroast 2.
    I could put the Fresh Roast on a variac to extend the roast time.
    Or I can do what I have been doing using the Program 1 that's 8 min at 4:50 degrees F.
    I get a medium Roast. I rost inside with no smoking.

    I tried a new program with the Iroast 2 for a slower roast, I started at 350 for 5 min then rose it to 400 then to 450 total 10 min. I don't think the beans didn't crack correctly, almost no chaff and didn't look fully opened.

    So I have a question, Does anybody have a list of roasting profiles for the Iroast 2 that I can see?
    Is it better to start with a low temp or a high one?
    Any suggestions? other than a $400 drum roaster.