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Decaf WOW and the Cafe Gene

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  • Decaf WOW and the Cafe Gene

    Hello fellow roasters. I'm after some recent experiences with the Gene Cafe and WOW. I've found a little bit of info here at CS, but nothing too definitive - or maybe I'm not looking in the right place! I've followed Andy's brief tips re roasting WOW on BeanBay and this has helped a little, but am looking for an over all better technique. Any info would be appreciated!

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    Some good info here...
    Head down to post #9.



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    I roasted 300 grams today in my Behmor and found it to be chalky looking even roasted medium to dark pulled about 10 seconds into 2nd crack. It looks quite odd..... it looks well roasted but has no “shine” to it it just looks medium and “chalky” not sure if this is normal... I tired a cup right after roast and it was “ok” but coming days will show if I did so something incorrect....


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      Interesting comments. My attempts so far haven't exactly produced a shine to the beans either, but then I'm not familiar enough with a decaf roast to know good from not so good either.


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        Successful WOW Decaf Recipe!

        Found this recipe somewhere on the net for the Gene Cafe with decaf and have changed the temps from Fahrenheit and in addition, made it a bit more understandable. Happy with the results.

        1. 200g green beans in the chamber
        2. Set temp to 150 C and roast for 5 mins. (I set the timer to 20 minutes routinely)
        3. Raise temp to 244 C
        4. Wait till FC and lower temp to 226 C (FC is very hard to hear, but happens about 15 + mins into the roast in my machine I think!)
        5. Roast till 17 mins and press stop - if you manage to hear 2nd crack before 17 mins, good on you. Let the GC cool automatically or do the following:
        6. In my case I dump the beans into an electric Coffee Bean cooler for approx 2 mins
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          Just thought I would add as above I roasted these about 2 weeks ago now and have had a few cups over the last week or two and it’s a great bean! Tastes fantastic great for a late night coffee fix without the caffeine!!!


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            I love this forum. I remember looking for Decaf WOW on a Gene, and couldn't find late last year, but upon re-searching today - perfect search result!

            Thanks Tridoros. Will order some and give it a go!