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Roasting Jack Daniels in a Behmor 1600

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  • Roasting Jack Daniels in a Behmor 1600

    Hi all,
    I bought some Jack Daniels Barrel Colombian from the Bay and have not been able to work out the best way of roasting them. I have a trusty Behmor 1600 and want to maximise my enjoyment of this one kilo package of coffee goodness by roasting on 100 gram batches.
    What profiles and settings have others have success with please?
    Have a great weekend. Best regards from Perth

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    I can't help with specific Behmor 1600 profiles but...

    1: In general, while the Behmor does roast 100g, I found 200g batches better, more control, best results with any bean. I find 100g roasts are too frantic and hard to get consistency.

    2: The Jack Daniel's coffee is best on a light to medium profile. It's hard to judge by colour because like decaf, the beans start off much darker so lean towards a known good profile for the lighter roasts and cool well before second crack.

    It's a ripper coffee when you get it right.

    Someone who has roasted the Jack Daniels on a Behmor might chime-in with something more specific.