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My 1st ever batch of home roast - with an air fryer

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  • My 1st ever batch of home roast - with an air fryer

    Hi all

    I decided to get into home roasting, and ordered Colombia and Peru beans which arrived yesterday.

    Problem is my local supplier won't have the Gene Cafe roaster in until later this month.

    Itching to try some roasting, I roasted a small quantity in my air fryer.

    I used the highest setting (200 degrees C), and 10 minutes, taking it out mid-way to take a photo and shake it. Not sure if it even went past the 1st crack, given I left the air fryer out in the balcony. I did another 3 minutes to see if I could get it darker, and to listen out for a crack, but no luck.

    It looks okay to me, but I guess I won't know for another few days until I let the beans de-gas and try them out. The last photo is a coffee I made using Campos Superior, which is my favourite blend.

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    That's not a bad looking roast. Looks like it might have reached or went past first crack based on colour but 200 degrees is well short of an espresso roast. It may taste a little sour in the cup .
    Interrupting the roast isn't a good idea but you can often get away with it. Next time you could try continuous bean agitation using a wooden spoon for a possibly more even roast.

    Agree Campos is good provided it's made by a competent barista. Give Coffeesnobs Wow a try if you haven't already.


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      So I tried a batch barely 3 hours old.

      Way too much crema and 30g espresso took under 20 seconds.

      Taste wise, slightly sour but nowhere near terrible and easily better than the takeaway joint near where I work.


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        2nd ever batch, this time the Peru.

        Heard the 1st crack around 8 minutes in. Got so excited I took a video of it!

        Reading some of the posts I'm actually leaning towards the Kaffelogic instead of the Gene.. 100g batch is a drawback but I tend to buy cheap and buy twice, so maybe this time avoid the mistake.. decisions decisions.


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          Originally posted by flynnaus View Post
          That's not a bad looking roast.
          I agree, and for such a no fuss setup I would be really happy with that result.
          My Corretto roasts look fairly similar in terms of evenness and they are far less "plug and play"


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            Hi Covalatt,

            Never heard of an air fryer being used to roast before! I've found my most even manual roasting results to come from a simple enamel pot w/ lid being shaken frequently over a gas stove.

            Will be giving this a go...



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              I have a Maxxkon (yeah, poor choice of name) 13.5 litre "space capsule" air fryer with the optional rotisserie. No reason why it wouldn't do a reasonably good coffee roast. It cooks everything else (chips, beef / lamb roasts etc) very evenly and really bloody fast.

              Has anyone tried an air fryer / rotisserie combo?

              BTW, I have a Behmor 1600 so I have never needed to try the Maxxkon out.