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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe results

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  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe results

    Been trying a few roasts on the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe lately and results seem a fair bit different from most other beans I have tried (i.e. Indian Malabar, Costa Rica, Brazil). The EY doesnt seem to get the typical smooth surface finish they others, particularly the Indian get, very little / no oils seem to show and get very little crema from it as well - roast pic attached. Have tried roasting slightly lighter / darker and still seem to get little difference. Just wondering if this is expected result from this bean that others also get, or if Im doing something wrong with the roasting; (ps using an iCoffee roaster so can only vary the time not really the temp profile). Any thoughts appreciated.
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    G'day Dan...

    There appears to be a significant range of bean colour in the batch pictured, which would be considered odd for a Yirgacheffe.
    Are the beans being sufficiently agitated during the roast? If not, would it be possible to vary the batch size in the hope of improving agitation?

    There were a few CSers who purchased and used the iRoast several years back and I think (from memory) that quite a few had to revert to smaller batch sizes in order to achieve a good batch outcome. Might be worth playing around with batch sizes to see if that improves the overall end result and the result in the cup...



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      Thanks Mal!
      Good tip I was wondering about the inconsistency in colour and yes reducing the quantity sounds like a good approach to start with, I always went with approx 200g in past as that seems the most the little iCoffee would handle at a time, but doing less (and I assume for shorter time) is no problem
      I'll try that next round and see how it goes!



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        Let us know how you get on Dan...