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    Been trying to use the search functions but can't seem to find anything on excel logging software for Behmor roasts. I am sure it has been discussed before but does anyone have any excel templates they wish to share or any software that would work on a Mac or mobile phone app (android)?

    Just want to do a basic log of the different roasts that I attempt and see if I can work out a pattern that works for my taste. Ideally it will log the roast and also the resting, extraction and taste part.


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    You can also do a google search on : "excel roasting coffee" - there are 1 or 2 excel options you could look at

    I believe there is also an Android App called Bean Tracker & maybe others


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      Thanks for the help Graham. The Roast Monitor doesn't seem to work on my Mac with Parallels so will have to find a windows computer to use that. The Bean Tracker app looks good but can't capture the changing of temperature settings during the roast. Haven't found a simple excel spreadsheet as yet so I will attempt to make my own.


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        There's a sticky in this message board where people have shared some manual roast logging spreadsheets:


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          Thanks for that... I initially looked at it then couldn't find it in a search and didn't realise it was a sticky