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Why are my Hottop roasts not degassing ???

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    I have a Hottop.
    First crack on mine occurs at 171C (bean Temp). so this is really 196C for Arabica i.e. my sensor is reading 25C low.
    I was concerned enough with this at the beginning to contact Hottop Taiwan with my complete roast curves and they said my figures where completely normal for the Australian models.
    Second Crack is at 195C (bean Temp) on the same machine.
    So you have to recalibrate others roast curves to your machine, but don't expect the other machines curves to be calibrated.
    (it's impossible to get meaningful data unless people include their own machines FC temperature as a reference - and they don't).
    I'm with you that their should be a better way, but roasting is presently an art compensating for loose science.
    Just to confuse this issue further.
    I started roasting with a copper solid drum gas heated baby roaster no fan or real air movement in the roast chamber.
    I have had the best roasts i've ever experienced out of it.
    But the really weird thing is that Post Roast Development Time is 1-2 days not typically 7-8 days as with the Hottop, (or longer with Yemen).
    Something IS going on with these differing roast techniques that is not being explored yet, (and it will be complicated).
    Present roasters available all have their own voice, (like musical instruments) you have to be prepared to adapt technique to each roaster.
    Nice journey.


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      Originally posted by snowytec View Post
      Something IS going on with these differing roast techniques that is not being explored yet, (and it will be complicated).
      You’re right, but it is being explored and researched, just not in relation to the domestic or home roaster market. That’s probably just because it is comparatively tiny and all the money is in the commercial/industrial market. The commercial roasters that I can think of that are leading the way are Loring, Stronghold, Kaleido and Bellwether. There’s probably more but they’re the ones that come to mind. There’s some interesting research out there that compared roast results from a roaster with predominantly radiant heat to that of a more traditional drum roaster. It was very interesting. It was done in Japan, but there’s an English report so I’ll see if I can find it.


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        Managed to find this-

        Click image for larger version

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          Imagine the booring subdued taste profile of a steak evenly cooked all the way through ?

          This is not necessarily an improvement, but another technique to be honed and added to the arsenal.

          ( Lets hope they don't optimise the designs for typical commercial rubbish beans as the technique could have potential for better variation and control of roast parameters for us Coffeesnobs).

          100% sure you already know that.