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Very first roast (and with Gene Cafe)

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  • Very first roast (and with Gene Cafe)

    Hi all!

    Got my Gene recently and have finally done my first roast!

    I used the double-roast profile from Claus Fricke published on Roast Rebels ( to create two roasts, one that looks to my eye to be a medium roast (stopped after 13 minutes) and one a bit darker (stopped after 15 minutes) for contrast. Both were 200g of Elephant Hills India AA Grade.

    Click image for larger version

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    I can't wait to try them! I never imagined how frustrating this beginners phase of roasting would be with the 5-7 day wait for gratification. I gotta stop opening the bags to have a smell every 10 seconds.

    I have a question for the gurus out there: I have read the book by Rob Hoos about modulating flavour profile, and in it he advocates slowing down the drying and browning phases of the roast, but what do people reckon is the purpose of Fricke cooling the beans off completely after the yellowing phase? Would be interested to hear people's thoughts on this and whether they agree/disagree.

    Anyway, can wait to taste!

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    Good looking roasts. Well done. They look a bit uneven rather than uniformly brown but a bit hard to tell from a photo.

    As you have just started out, I recommend nailing the basics before venturing into more advanced techniques. Try the roasts individually and then blended together. Learn what roast depth and rest periods work for you.
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      Congrats on the Gene. It's a reliable home roaster, I've been using an old model for several years now. Occasionally they will need a part replaced, but they are a well built serviceable unit and are very well supported.