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    Thanks for your help, when I get back home Thursday I’ll make changes as your suggestions and report back.


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      I back flushed the machine on Monday and gave it a clean before we went away for the week. I emptied out the grinder and washed the hopper as well. I ran a dose of puly grind crystals through it in early January and figured it won’t need another dose yet.

      This morning I got the scales out and measured the dose which is consistent at around 14g so the grinder seems to be doing it’s job well.

      I give the machine a good 25 minutes in the mornings to get it up to temperature.
      I place the portafilter underneath the holder and flush out anything, then wipe it dry.
      if the water gushes out under pressure I’ll let more water out to get the temperature down a little.
      If the heater comes back on I’ll give it some time then switch it off. What happens is the thermostat will cut out as the water temperature equalises, then I turn it back on for the shot. That’s how I temperature surf (if that’s what it is).

      I dose out 1 shot into the portafilter at 7g, knock it down on the bench, dose out a second 7g, knock and tamp firmly.
      1st shot I pull is 70g of coffee, 30 seconds (for the one that must be obeyed) ?

      Second shot today was 39g, takes about 15 seconds for myself.

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      Today, tasted ok. ?

      Decided to pull a second shot half an hour later (14g/39ml 15 seconds) and I can taste a little bitterness this time ?

      I don’t leave the machine on all day, occasionally we’ll have another shot later in the morning so I’ll switch it on and go through the same as above.