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Kmart mini oven with chip rotisserie drum

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    Thanks Jon. Wow you roast definitely into SC. Mine is lighter but a bit motley. I think the drum is too slow, only 2.5 RPM however I’ve discovered another coffee roaster from America or somewhere that has modified a similar roaster as this (looks exactly the same but different make, my guess they are all the same).

    he took out the motor and replaced it with a synchron motor that turns 15-18 RPM. I’ve already started nodding this roaster, stuck a thermometer in the side and waiting for a motor from eBay hopefully that works.


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      Have a look it’s promising:


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        Let me know what motor you get, I’ve always thought it was too slow for an even roast


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          I bought this:

          Turntable Synchronous Synchron Motor 50/60Hz AC 220V 4W 15-18RPM CCW/CW TYC-50

          I’ll let u know if it works. Around $22


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            Hello Jon and all,

            so I’ve modified this heller rotisserie by putting in a 15-18RPM motor and it seems to work ok, however I’ve run into a problem I didn’t realise that the motor which has CCW/CW which means it will turn the opposite way with some resistance. So putting in 400gms wouldn’t work, it kept pulsing clockwise then counter clockwise. I was about to do 200 gma but during FC it changed direction so I’ve decided to see if there were motors which only tuned one way so found on evil bay a 20-24RPM motor which only goes CCW I hope. It can do 200gms came out ok a little darker than I hoped I’m not used to what happens after FC, might have to drop the heat but it only takes 15mins the roast excluding cooling.

            anyway it’s a bit of fun these are actually easier to mod than a popcorn maker. Just change the motor, stick a digital thermometer on the side that’s it. Use a external fan to cool while the rotisserie is still turning but heat is turned off.
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              Keen on this setup. I had just started roasting my own using an air fryer as stock standard and was happy with the results (slight mod to basket to improve movement of the beans). But the plastic casing started to melt after a few roasts due to design flaw, so now looking at replacement with money i got for refund and I like the look of this setup and easy motor modification. Are you able to tell me what motor you purchased from O/S? I would be looking to do similar to you. Or if you think there is something similar/suitable you might have come across since?

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            Looks hopeful. That last roast I did was rank - too dark but it was the last of my beans. Your mods are inspiring me. Let me know how you go with the new motor.


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              Originally posted by jon24 View Post
              Looks hopeful. That last roast I did was rank - too dark but it was the last of my beans. Your mods are inspiring me. Let me know how you go with the new motor.
              Will do Jon, only problem is the motor is coming from China may take a month but I’ll still do some 200gm batches in the meantime. With the new motor I hope to do larger batches.

              still have my poppers which I love and give consistent and excellent results, but having this heller option gives me a conduction type roaster if I want that versus the air roaster being the poppers. The heller definitely has a different taste, more fuller and chocolate like a traditional espresso where the popper brings out some brightness as u would expect. Cheers