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    Hi everyone

    what’s everyone’s top 3 beans for home roasting?


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    1. Yemen Mokha Ismaili
    2. Ethiopian Gambella
    3. Columbian Volcan Galeras

    I think in that order too!


    • WhatEverBeansNecessary
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      Didn't make the edit window but:

      1. Yemen Mokha Ismaili - love the earthy, nutty chocolately flavours I get
      2. Ethiopian Gambella - Get lovely stone fruit flavours like peach and nectarine (also did really well in the home roasting competition that had this as the control bean)
      3. Columbian Volcan Geleras - it's a super lovely bean and guests seem to really like it as the previous two can be a bit 'weird' for some people but it has the traditional caramel, chocolate flavours that S. Americans are known for

    • tompoland
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      Tx. Just ordered your #3

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    1. Kenya Lena AA (espresso) - a bean that very produces the thick full bodied choc/caramel style I like in a medium or medium-dark roast.

    2. Yemen Mokha Selection Ismaili from CS - I like it best light roasted and brewed because its nutty flavor shines. Also works well ight roasted for espresso though where it is surprisingly (for me) full bodied compared to other light roasted beans.

    3. See 1 above!

    (maybe we should say why the are in top 3. Edited mine to include that.)
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      1. Colombian Volcan Galeras
      2. Sulawesi Rante Kapua Torajah
      3. Ethiopian Gambella / Rwanda Nyungwe (Can't choose between them, so giving both).


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        Yemen Mokha Ismaili
        Ethiopian Gambella
        Sulawesi Blue


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          Peru Ceja de Selva
          Colombian Volcan Galeras
          Costa Rica (various over the years,but the Miel SHB was pretty impressive).


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            Gr1 Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Natural with strawberry notes for espresso. Washed Yirg or Guji, highly aromatic, clean and sweet for filter.
            Geisha coffees. Washed. Anywhere from Central America.
            Costa Rican Bourbons


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              1. Guji
              2. Limmu
              3. Daylight


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                EfeCaner what's your top 3?


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                  To be honest I have only purchased Colombian volcan and loving it. I’ll definitely try everyone’s suggestions step by step. Much appreciated. Thanks for everyone’s reply. Have a good weekend


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                    I’m still wearing my L’s while roasting but of the ones I have a bit of a handle on.
                    1 : Ethiopian Shakisso
                    2 : Yemen Ismaeli (was hard to get right but a couple of CS helped me out)
                    3 : Brazil Natural (easy roast, solid/thick/cocoa)


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                      1. Brazil Ipanema 2. Kenya Gakundu 3. PNG (either Iwaki or Ulya)


                      • Bosco_Lever
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                        A good Kenyan is always nice, I finally got hold of some and will be roasting it next week.

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                      No trouble to identify which beans sit at the 'best' on the top of my list, namely several of the wonderful Yemen coffees that Andy has managed to to organise for us here in Oz, then a number of many East African treasures and followed up very closely with lots of Central and South American beauties; several Indian varieties too over the years.

                      Impossible to single out any of the bean varietals into second and third place after the Yemen for me. Too many great beans to choose from and anyway, my preferences may not align with what you may prefer. Best to try them all over time and make up your own mind...



                      • flynnaus
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                        Yep, my Top 3 are
                        1. What I'm roasting now
                        2. What I was roasting before that
                        3 You get the idea.

                        EfeCaner, you asked about this before. I suggest you stop asking what everyone else thinks and start discovering for yourself.

                        NOTE: Yemen is a popular choice among us CoffeeSnobs but not really recommended for someone just starting out in roasting because of the cost of the beans. Go for something relatively easy to roast like the PNG Wahgi or Indian Elephant Hills or Peru Ceja de Selva. Or you could work your way around the world. Start with something nearby like an Indonesian or PNG, then head west to China, india then Africa, South America, Central America, North America (ie Mexico).

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                      I very rarely drink SO's so I cant contribute but there have been some ripper recommendations in this thread that should allow you to experience the full breadth of possibilities.

                      Forget analysis paralysis, taste preference is such a subjective thing I'd recommend you just get stuck into it and enjoy the journey.



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                        I don't have a top three per se!
                        My favourites are from Ethiopia and Yemen.