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    DesigningByCoffee Again, good info. Seems a few of us have been trying out a simpler profile.
    Recently I've been trying a more linear profile and resulted in improvements in the cup ie sweeter and more flavoursome. Shorter roast times meant improved acidity - pleasant acidity that at times sparkled on the palate.Here's a KJM blend I did recently that, to my standard, turned out to be a ripper. At one time I had the belief that the Maillard dip improved the longevity of my roasts and I still think it does. This KJM blend roast was good up to the last shot. But I also bought an Airscape Medium Coffee Storage Vault which may have helped increase roast viability.

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      flynnaus these were my findings too, as you can see from my roasts decreasing in time overall! Helps when I have 4-5 back to back roasts to do too!

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    Excuse my ignorance but in DesignbyCoffee's coffeeSnob recent roast monitor charts what is the green line? (previous roast template? or intended profile?)

    In the Kaffelogic, the machine uses PIDs, power control, fan circulation and algorithms to predict the intended path/movement and employ (or maybe deploy) heat /time variation - you heat gun peeps do it all on the fly- beyond my capacities so kudos to you.

    Again excuse my lack of knowledge - Can you plot heat gun temp and time of changes as well as the beam temp change and time to see offset relationship?

    In our little beasties ( only 100gms remember) you can definitely taste differences in the cup from two near to identical paths depending on the way the beans get there. ( so profiles with their momentum variables are definitely a THING).

    As examples - reducing power in the development phase ( usually accompanied by aggressive PID restricting overtemp) produces muted and not as vibrant roasts and more rarely , but flatlining power, when the profile was wanting more than the 229-240volts (usually i have 235ish) available ( and it is nice that the KL tries to warn me) - in this instance you can usually see the struggle to keep near the profile path - but you can definitely taste if there has been an over-slow down in momentum - stall.


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      FNQ The green line in the profile is my old RoastMonitor template file. You can select a good roast and save it for later - but it’s a bit of a fiddle to do with every roast! As you can see I don’t follow it very closely any more, but it has other information that’s quite useful, like heatgun settings and basic technique etc. So once I nailed down a good approach, a saved one profile - and then use it as a reference for further experimentation.

      I now find that using repeatable heatgun input changes are far more consistent for good results than trying to exactly match a profile with wildly swinging temp surfing - in the same way I find taste a better guide to getting good espresso than ‘exactly’ 28 seconds

      While my rig is not set up to use RM to control my heatgun (some have managed to do this) I simply use the temperature slider to log the settings on my gun, which are then displayed later for recall. So, for example, when the temp in red jumps to ‘55’ it’s actually me changing my Bosch heatgun to 550.


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        Originally posted by yochiya View Post
        A roast profile can enable you to modulate or tweak the flavour. This can be achieved by extensions or shortening of the major roast phases.

        Understanding the impact of the phases is something I'm really keen on digging into more.
        For what it's worth yochiya I stumbled on a presentation by Anne Cooper (Melbourne based roaster) at a roast seminar for Roast Magazine. If you look up on YouTube "Anne Cooper, being a more decisive roasters", you'll find it.

        Worth watching as she spends some time talking about the importance and impact phases have on the roast. She has done some collaborative work with Rob Hoo as well.


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          Thanks GB, I've watched a few of Anne's vids. Quite like her style and approach. Will definitely check it out.