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  • stand alone milk steamer

    Do these exist? Im picturing something with a wand, control valve (turny handle knob thingy) and one or two pressure release valves (say one for an indicator and one for saftey). Put a bit of water in it, sit it on the stove until one of the pressure valves whistles, bleed it, steam some milk...

    I have a espresso machine already that does all this and more! and without the use of the stove! but I want to buy one for my girlfriend whos living from a moka pot, and likes to steam milk for other milk based beverages... I did a good bit of searching before I got my silvia and came up with nothing, I dont remember asking here though... so yeah... anyone seen anything like this around?



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    Re: stand alone milk steamer

    Computer says no. According to google, such a thing does not exist!

    Best bet might be a cheapo 2nd hand thermoblock/single boiler machine for 50 bucks or so - steam pressure mightnt be brilliant but no stove required!

    I think the only other standalone options would be the battery powered froth machines or plunger style frothers - a pox on both their houses!


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      Re: stand alone milk steamer

      I actually found this with google - reply 3 and 4 have exactly the thing Im after - I cant seem to find where to purchase on anywhere though (that thread didnt seem to tell me either, unless I somehow missed it)

      Id prefer a unit like this to a second machine because of space limitations, it would be good to be able to put it away in a cupboard or something after use, with a machine its a little more tedious and space consuming.


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        Re: stand alone milk steamer

        I picked up this 2nd hand Breville Espresso Cappuccino from a spring fair recently. Its basically a moka pot with valves to control steam/water output. It has a 3-hole steam tip, pressure relief valve (I switched around the positions of the valve/steamer), and steams with about as much power as a Silvia at full tilt! It looks at least 10 years old, is all stainless steel (no el-cheapo materials) and was in perfect nick. Grand total only $3 Hopefully you can find something similar, good luck!


        PS a lot of people seem to have similar steam toy espresso machines that theyve chucked in a cabinet somewhere, never to be used.


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          Re: stand alone milk steamer


          I have seen these stove-top steamers (some are combination coffee + Steaming) in a few shops selling coffee-making equipment (in Melbourne). Last time I looked they were around $85–110.

          I have one in the cupboard I dont use any more and would be happy to pass on. It has a small issue with the safety valve; from memory it needs tightening every once in a while to keep a good seal, I think basically because of the curve of the stainless steel. I remember that, after years of good service, it just stopped working properly, not building up steam, but fiddling with safety valve would resurrect it.

          PM me if you want it.




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            Re: stand alone milk steamer

            Hi everyone,
            yeah the stand alone steamers are definitely available, but they are pretty recent, although the one Im talking about is a serious commercial size one. The coffee bar i work at has recently purchased one, as the volume of orders totally overwhelmed our  ECM Veneziano machine. The unit has one steam wand and a hot water nozzle, both twist controlled. THe pressure is very consistent and gives great silky foam. If any of you are in Sydney, pop into Bar Pronto on Pitt Street to see one in use.


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              Re: stand alone milk steamer

              The steamer is available but I would have thought for commercial use only. Any sponsor who deals with ECA can supply them. The bad news is circa $1700

              • Volumetric rotary pump for optional connection to external water reservoir / tank
              • 13.5 litre stainless steel boiler capacity
              • Anti-vacuum valve
              • Slimline and convenient size to fit in confined spaces
              • Super-fast and hygienic
              • Steam pressure gauge for monitoring performance  
              Features include:    
              • Able to steam continuously
              • A dispensed amount of hot water (up to 3 litres)
              • Patented safety electronic water level display, which controls boiler water automatically, and has unique water level alert.  
              Dimensions- 30 cm x 44cm x 62cm (WxDxH)
              Voltage- 240V / 2400 watts
              Power- 10 amp