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  • Help Frothing Soy Milk

    Good afternoon. Recentrly we were given a Nuova Simonelli Oscar for our home. In doing so we also went and bought a burr grinder, WOW what a difference just with that. I should also note that I was using a Starbucks Barista machine before. The problem I am having is frothing the soy milk to the incredible creamy froth I get doing 1% milk. Initially we had a four hole tip and I found by going to a two whole it makes the milk perfect but I still cant get the coffee shop smooth texture doing the soy for my wife. We are using Pacific Soy Original Classic and I just tried Pacific Soy Enriched and get the same result. The old Starbucks machine had a single jet hole and we actually got better frothing using that machine for the soy milk. The 1% is way way better now so I am wondering if there are suggestions out there. We  have been using the machine for about a month and I just cant quite get it for the soy.

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    Re: Help Frothing Soy Milk

    Greetings Slowryde, & welcome to the caffeine fuelled world of CoffeeSnobs

    I gather from the time of your post, yet saying good afternoon, that youre not Oz based. That may explain why Ive never heard of the brands of soy that youre using.

    However, from my experience steaming soy (regardless of brand), it reaches boiling temp a lot quicker than standard milk, & it tends to foam (ie separate in molecular structure) very quickly if the wand is left hovering just below the surface when steaming.

    Admittedly Im not familiar with the Oscar, but can you regulate the intensity of steam output via a knob, or is it an on/off lever with a pre-programmed level of steam? :-?

    Either way, with soy Id suggest immersing the wand deeper into the milk, minimise the ch-ch-ch sound, get the swirling whirlpool happening by angling the jug, & cut the steaming short because it heats very quickly. That way youll minimise the bubbles, and separated foamy marshmallow on top. Aim for even texturing.

    And ... if the above suggestions dont work, well, ditch the soy & drink it pure & black - the way espresso should be appreciated. ;D

    IMHO, soy has its place in this world, but not mixed with coffee :



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      Re: Help Frothing Soy Milk

      Welcome slowride

      I try not to add to much air as Grind on Demand has said above

      My machine has a 4 hole tip and it takes 5 to 8 seconds to get perfect results
      This method should work with the 2 hole tip or you can change back to the original 4 hole tip

      I hold the tip right in the centre of the jug at 90 deg steam holes just under milk "dont be tempted to add more air keep tip just under"
      And after it starts foaming I slowly move jug to one side until wand touches side of jug and until foaming is complete

      I have not had experience with your machine and it may take a few seconds more than my machine
      but you can give my method a try it cant hurt

      But the best tip I can give you is use a 300ml jug it is 100% easier with a small amount of milk.



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        Re: Help Frothing Soy Milk

        Originally posted by Koffee Kosmo link=1216935175/0#2 date=1216948615
        ... but the best tip I can give you is use a 300ml jug it is 100% easier with a small amount of milk.
        Sorry KK - have to disagree on that point.

        With soy (& also standard milk, for that matter), the lower the volume in the jug means a quicker boil temp will be attained, so it calls for more attention to aim for that even creamy texture that we in the w***ability trade as pro-baristas call micro-foam.

        Technique, practice, re-examine technique & practice more



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          Re: Help Frothing Soy Milk

          Agree on the speed to heat with less milk but 150ml of milk in a 300ml
          jug is easier to work than in a 600ml jug IMHO.


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            Re: Help Frothing Soy Milk

            Thank you for all of the great tips. I will do some more practice and post results of all these tips in a week


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              Re: Help Frothing Soy Milk

              make sure the soy is cold, and shake the packet hard before pouring out


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                Re: Help Frothing Soy Milk

                I have been stretching soymilk for nearly 8 years now, although I have done cow juice a few times. I have done the Pacific Foods Soy Blenders (sold for food service use only), Silk, Kirkland (Costco), and others I cannot remember. One thing i find is that soy can vary from batch to batch. Some will stretch quite well and others will be a frustrating enterprise.

                The basics are that you should be VERY gentle in adding air. Only a very small amount should be injected, and that done very early in the process. The other factor is that you should keep a hand on the side of the pitcher and stop when the pitcher becomes comfortably warm. If it gets hot, or too hot to comfortably hold, you have gone too far.

                Finally, if allowed to sit after stretching it will settle quickly into hot liquid and stiff foam. As soon as you are done stretching, swirl it a bit and pour. If the pour is stiff foam at first, you went a bit too far.

                I have been getting latte-artish results with soy of late.. I blame my pitcher for the lack of real art, but it is possible (see my How-To #10 on my website).